Body Lift

After Massive Weight Loss

You’re happy that you’ve lost so much weight in such a short time, but you can’t show it off because all you can see is a great deal of loose skin all over your body that hides your leaner shape. You also see pockets of unwanted fat that you weren’t able to get rid of despite your efforts. The study, Effect of weight loss after bariatric surgery on skin and the extracellular matrix[1], found that the skin quality of patients who experienced massive weight loss following bariatric surgery was poor, due to unhealthy collagen structure, low elastin levels and stretch mark formation.

Restore your new body to a slimmer, shapelier contour by your customized body lift, designed to reduce the appearance of your loose skin. Depending upon your needs, your body lift may entail either minimally invasive or surgical approaches.

What a body lift can do for you
  • Get rid of loose skin resulting from rapid massive weight loss, such as following gastric bypass surgery.
  • Eliminated unwanted fat that contribute to bulges and rolls.
  • Your Body Lift may involve surgery to remove excess tissues, or a nonsurgical option to remodel your skin to make it tighter.
You’ll experience
  • The ability to get back to work right after your nonsurgical treatment.
  • A swift recovery so you can get back to work in a week or two if you’ve had surgery.
  • No more irritation and discomfort caused by sagging skin.
  • The freedom and joy of showing off your weight loss and firmer body contour.
What makes your body lift at Gartner Plastic Surgery unique

1. You’ll talk to Dr. Gartner at length during your consultation. By expressing your goals and discussing your medical history, Dr. Gartner can then determine the best treatment plan for you based on his experience of helping many, many patients achieve a highly satisfying improvement after massive weight loss. Using his experience and extensive knowledge, he can provide you with the safest and most effective treatments to achieve your goals.

2. If you have a lot of excess skin and fat in the arms, breasts, mid-section, back and thighs, then traditional body lift surgery may be the best option to restore your shape. This involves making incisions in the areas and removing excess skin and fat by excision. Body lift surgery gives you a more dramatic improvement that you’ll see right after surgery (however optimal results will appear after swelling and bruising subside).

3. Small pockets of fat and minor sagging skin can be effectively addressed with laser assisted liposuction, performed under general or local anesthesia. Liposuction can be performed at the same time as traditional body lift surgery.

Are you a candidate?

If you have lost over 50 lbs and have been able to maintain your weight loss for a few months, but are unhappy with sagging skin that won’t go away, then a body lift may be suitable for you. You should be in good health and understand that if surgery is involved, scarring will result.

Please note that additional weight loss or pregnancy after your treatment may negate your results, making another procedure necessary.

Your consultation

You’ll have a private discussion with Dr. Gartner regarding your aesthetic goals. He will examine your concerns and review your medical history to determine which type of body lift would be most suitable for you. Your body lift treatment may involve surgery to remove excess skin and fat. It may also involve non-surgical treatments if surgery is deemed too invasive.

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to find out everything you’d like to know about your treatment. Dr. Gartner spends a good hour with you because he doesn’t want you to feel rushed in making your decision.

Your treatment

Every body lift is highly customized. This is because each patient is unique, as is their goal. For this reason, your body lift may or may not include the following:

  • Skin removal with excision to tighten sagging skin
  • Liposuction to eliminate excess fat deposits
  • Abdominal muscle tightening (to correct muscle separation)
  • Non-surgical skin tightening
  • Non-surgical cellulite treatment
Your recovery

Your recovery depends on the extent of your treatment. You will receive a list of post-treatment care instructions that you should follow closely to help your body recover faster. You can expect a longer recovery period if surgery was involved. However, if non-surgical methods were performed, then you may be able to get back to daily activities immediately after your treatment.

You are encouraged to move around leisurely after your treatment to help with your recovery and minimize the risk of blood clots.

If surgery has been performed, you should expect swelling, bruising and discomfort. These are all temporary and tend to disappear gradually over a period of a few months.

Redness is common after non-surgical skin tightening. This will fade in a few hours.

Your results

After swelling and bruising have subsided, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of your massive weight loss without being hidden by sagging skin. Like our other patients, the body lift surgery can achieve quite a dramatic improvement in body contour.

Complications and risks associated with a body lift

Those related to surgery:

  • wound dehiscence
  • seroma
  • hematoma
  • infection
  • irregular scarring

Those related to non-surgical treatments:

  • burns
  • blistering
  • swelling

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