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P-Shot NJ

If your erections are getting more difficult to maintain, or if you have a condition like Peyronie’s disease, it may have a significant impact on your quality of life and emotional well-being. If this is interfering with your sexual experiences, you could think you’ve lost your sexual aptitude. The good news is that there are therapies available that can assist with these issues.

A Priapus shot also known as a P-shot may be beneficial in restoring your young sexual performance and satisfaction. This regenerative technique may help you have stronger erections while also reducing or eliminating your Peyronie’s symptoms.

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What Is The P-Shot Treatment?

For years, the P-Shot has been known to aid with penile function concerns and is regarded as a top therapy for males. It is possible to treat or eradicate erectile dysfunction (ED) with this minimally invasive injection. It works by injecting potent platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into your penile tissue, which helps to restore your erection firmness and sexual desire. This treatment is conducted in one of our beautiful private rooms, which means there is minimum downtime and no need for a hospital visit when receiving the treatment.

You do not have to suffer from erectile dysfunction or a decreasing sense of self-worth. In order to learn more about how the P-shot may help you regain your sexual happiness while also minimizing or eliminating your Peyronie’s symptoms, our expert team of P-Shot specialists can help develop an effective treatment plan according to your needs.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction And Peyronie’s Disease?

It is possible that blood supply to your penis may begin to decline as you get older. Having firm erections and having spontaneous sex may become more difficult as a result of this. Losing the capacity to control your sexual power may have a negative impact on your self-esteem and in severe cases have a negative effect on your relationship.

However, age is not usually the root cause of erectile dysfunction. In other cases, it is a temporary condition brought on by stress, weariness, or other factors. Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are among medical disorders that may cause or worsen erectile dysfunction (ED).

It is possible that a decrease in blood supply to the penis, along with a slight physical injury or health condition, may interfere with your sexual response, causing performance anxiety. Depression, anxiety, or the loss of a loved one may all have a negative impact on one’s sexual desire and ability to perform.

Occasional erectile dysfunction is typically not a cause for concern. ED that is frequent or unpleasant, on the other hand, typically needs medical intervention.

Penis bend, also known as Peyronie’s disease, is a painful condition that arises after a physical injury to the penis. It is possible for your penis to regenerate scar tissue that does not extend when you have erections after it has been wounded. This might result in undesired penile bending, which can make erections and intercourse unpleasant as a result.

Our team understands that having a fulfilling and spontaneous sex life is essential for your pleasure and health, regardless of what is causing your ED. That is why we provide the P-shot, which is one of the most effective ways available today for treating ED without the need of medications, equipment, or surgery.

What Medical Issues Can The P-Shot Be Used To Treat?

The P-shot is effective in treating a variety of illnesses, including:

  • A lack of libido (sex drive)
  • Incapacity to obtain or a diminished ability to obtain powerful erections
  • Painful sexual intercourse owing to a penis bend (Peyronie’s illness) as a result of a diminished or disturbed capacity to orgasm
  • Reduced sensitivity of the penis
  • Decreased blood flow to the penis

Dr. Gartner is a professional who is discreet and who truly listens to his patients. You will be able to talk openly and honestly with this highly skilled and sympathetic board-certified surgeon. He is glad to provide you with a consultation during which you may discuss your personal medical history and future expectations regarding the treatment.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment?

The majority of your blood is made up of plasma, which comprises red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets are essential in the blood clotting process because they contain a large number of proteins known as growth factors. All of these growth factors are required for the healing of wounds and the regeneration of damaged or aging tissue.

When compared to a conventional blood sample, platelet-rich plasma contains several times the number of platelets. The concentration of platelets (as well as growth factors) in blood samples might be up to 10 times higher than in normal blood samples. This is how it promotes the regeneration of soft tissue cells and blood vessel renewal in the body.

In the P-shot, you will get a mixture of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that has been collected from your own blood sample. When carefully injected into your penis, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) improves blood circulation, increases sensitivity to touch, and encourages the creation of new blood vessels. As a result of this treatment you can expect long-lasting erections and reversed effects of ED.

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for P-Shot is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Plastic Surgery Center New York Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

The P-Shot Process

Your P-shot process will be fast, straightforward, and virtually completely painless in comparison to other procedures. Dr. Gartner will examine your medical history, present health, and expectations with you during your initial appointment. Make sure to tell your doctor about any drugs you’re taking and any concerns you have. Take as much time as you need — Dr. Gartner wants you to be completely happy and comfortable with your treatment.

During your P-shot, Dr. Gartner will collect a little amount of blood from your arm to use as a diagnostic tool. It takes less than a minute and produces little to no discomfort. It is spun in a centrifuge until the platelets and growth factors of which there are eight main kinds are separated from the red blood cells and concentrated. This procedure is done many times until a thick, platelet-rich serum is obtained. It is this robust serum that provides the remarkable healing properties of your P-shot.

Your PRP will be injected into crucial places of your penis with care and precision. Those who are very sensitive to pain might request that Dr. Gartner uses a local anesthetic to numb their skin, although most patients report experiencing little or no discomfort from the injections.

Your PRP injection encourages the regeneration of blood vessels and circulation, resulting in the restoration of your erections that are once again strong and powerful. You’ll also benefit from increased penile sensitivity, which will help you get the most out of your sexual pleasure and desire.

That’s all – your treatment is complete, and you won’t have to worry about surgery, medicine, or recovery time. You may even receive your P-shot during your lunch break, which is something that many males like to do. There is no need for a hospital stay or painkillers after the procedure. You may resume your normal activities immediately.

The Advantages Of A P-shot

The P-shot is one of the most significant ED therapy breakthroughs in contemporary medicine. Its advantages include the following:

  • It is a treatment without surgery, there are no scars, scarring, anesthesia, hospitalization, or a lengthy recovery period.
  • It has a high rate of success: The majority of patients report good, long-term results.
  • There is a chance of increased penis size.
  • A swift and simple treatment. Your treatment will take no more than 30-60 minutes, including prep time, making it far quicker than any surgical alternative.
  • There are no drugs to ingest or gadgets to utilize to control near immediate side effects.
  • The results are visible right away. There will be no long-term waiting for outcomes.
  • All-natural: Moreover, there are no artificial implant materials that might cause allergic responses or that can get damaged, requiring additional surgery (and more cost).
  • In addition, you may combine these treatments with other ED treatment choices such as Viagra, Cialis, or a penis pump if you want – and there is no chance of a hazardous combination occurring.
  • Since platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is made from your own blood, there is no chance of an allergic response or infection from using a donor blood sample.
  • PRP treatments are safe: more than half a million PRP procedures have been conducted globally.

The Outcome Of The P-Shot

The P-shot provides you with stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections that both you and your partner will enjoy experiencing. Many patients also report an increased sensation of sexual vitality and satisfaction as a result of receiving the P-shot as well. Take it easy for a brief period of time and allow yourself to recuperate after the treatment. You will be given proper instructions by your doctor to follow after your treatment.

You may observe and feel effects in as little as 2-4 days, but it may take up to 1-2 weeks to detect significant changes in your body. Your results may last several months or even up to a year depending on your situation. Many people see long-term advantages as a result of their P-shot. When it comes to Peyronie’s disease, you could expect to notice benefits in as little as 2-3 months. In most cases, the advantages are indefinite.

P-Shot Risks

It is possible to suffer minor swelling, discomfort, bruising, soreness, or bleeding at the injection site. Most of the time, this will go away within a day or two. The likelihood of experiencing severe adverse effects is very low.

Tobacco users may see less significant improvements as a result of the P-shot treatment. You should remember that the outcome of any medical treatment will vary based on your age, the severity of your ailment, genetics, the overall state of your health, follow-up care, and environmental factors.

P-Shot Cost in New Jersey

The cost of a P-shot treatment in New Jersey varies from patient to patient depending on a variety of factors. Make an appointment with us to have a one-on-one consultation with our board-certified surgeon so that you can discover more about the costs and payment alternatives available to you.

Currently, medical insurance does not cover the cost of the P-shot.

Choose Gartner Plastic Surgery For Your P-Shot Treatment in New Jersey

It might be tough to locate a medical center that specializes in men’s health issues. With the help of our Gartner Plastic Surgery professionals, we can tailor your experience to the kind of results you want.

You may anticipate the following when you come in for your P-Shot treatment:

  • In-office procedures that take less than an hour to perform.
  • Results that are nearly immediately visible following therapy.
  • Treatments that cause little or no discomfort.
  • Effective effects that may aid with long-term enlargement as well as flaccid and erect posture and erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Gartner is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in P-Shot treatments, male enhancement surgery, as well as non-surgical male enhancement procedures including male augmentation injections.

Dr. Gartner has been delivering treatment to patients in New York and New Jersey as a cosmetic plastic surgeon for decades. Dr. Gartner can help you achieve your goals with both non-surgical and surgical male enhancement treatments.

Book an appointment with New Jersey’s leading cosmetic surgeon to discover more about male enhancement treatments including surgery or non-surgical penis enlargement, a scrotal lift, or improved virility procedures.

Make An Appointment For Your One-On-One Consultation With Dr. Gartner

Erectile dysfunction, also known as Peyronie’s disease, may occur with age or as a result of other medical problems, but this should not prevent you from enjoying sex. The P-cutting-edge shot’s technology may help you improve the strength and stability of your erection while also restoring your sexual spontaneity.

Fortunately, our discreet and knowledgeable staff at Gartner Plastic Surgery in New Jersey can assist you in regaining your sexual potency and reclaiming your self-esteem. Alternatively, you may reach out to our devoted specialists by contacting us or by completing our online form.

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