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Surgical Procedures in Partnership With Nova Medical Hair Transplant

New Jersey Hair Transplant

A solution to hair loss

As each decade passes, many men and women experience thinning or shedding of their hair. For some men experiencing the condition known as Androgenic Alopecia, the fallout can begin in the early 20’s. Women will notice hair thinning at the crown and a condition known as traction alopecia when constant tension has been applied to the hair in areas of the scalp. Losing one’s hair is often very discouraging and leads many to hope that modern hair transplant technology can offer a safe and effective solution.

Dr. Michael Gartner has proudly partnered with Nova Medical Hair Transplant in New Jersey in order to provide the highest quality hair restoration services for men and women who struggle with hair loss. Together, we are among the few global leaders in the industry offering the newest robotic hair transplant technology: HARRTS. It stands for Human Assisted Automated Rapid Transplant System and is currently the fastest, safest and most surgeon-friendly machine available anywhere today. Those who want to take charge of their hair thinning or balding can receive this innovative and effective treatment that leads to regrowth of their own, healthy hair.

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a very common condition with statistics showing approximately 70% of men and an upward of 50% of women are affected by the condition. When hair loss occurs, people sometimes sense increased hesitation and lack of confidence in career and relationships. For those whose work and life are consistently in the public eye, losing hair can be extremely distressing.

Fortunately, hair loss does not have to be a permanent condition. Advancements in cosmetic surgery have led doctors and researchers to create advanced technology and more effective, yet minimally invasive solutions than ever. Now, natural-looking hair restoration with a New Jersey hair transplant is available for everyone, from A-list celebrities to regular individuals, who are seeking a hair loss solution and a self-confidence booster.

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Effective hair transplant with FUE

At our state of the art clinic, Dr. Gartner and the Nova Medical Hair Transplant team are happy to offer the industry’s latest hair restoration method; the FUE technique using the HARRTS robotic hair transplant. In New Jersey, FUE, or follicular unit extraction is a second-generation hair transplant technique that involves a hand held, micro-punch device that carefully removes individual hair follicles and preserves the unit for precision transplant.

Unlike traditional transplant methods, FUE does not remove a strip of scalp tissue to provide grafts but extracts the necessary number of grafts from areas of dense hair growth. This leaves very small extraction sites that close and heal fast with no stitches or linear scar created. Our patients are typically capable of resuming their normal, daily activities after a short period of recovery. The resulting, new healthy hair growth can be seen within 3-4 months after a successful FUE hair transplant.

In NJ, hair transplants using the FUE technology have become increasingly popular for facial hair as well. Patchy beards, uneven side burns or eyebrows can be corrected seamlessly with skilful placement of FUE transplants. Because follicles can now be placed one hair at a time, the realistic angle and patterns of hair growth can be mimicked flawlessly. As well, facial scars or scarring left from previous hair transplants can be effectively camouflaged with FUE precision hair transplants.

Ideal candidates for a FUE hair transplant

With such a great solution to hair loss, it’s natural to wonder if you serve as a good candidate for a FUE hair transplant. Many people experience progressive hair loss for genetic reasons but this is not always the case. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your overall health, medications you may take or other factors that can contribute to hair loss.

Our state-of-the-art clinic sees patients ranging from those who have advanced hair loss to those who wish to increase the appearance of hair density in thinning areas. In general, our patients are in overall good health and live an active lifestyle, which maximizes their benefit with minimal visible scarring and a quick recovery.

Great candidates for hair transplant may include: those who experience the classic pattern of male pattern baldness, who have hair loss due to burns or tissue trauma, or who experience traction alopecia, which is loss of hair due to hair pulling and styling.

NJ hair transplants have come a long way, and today, one of the best investments you can make is with advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant surgery. All our valued clients feel confident, unstoppable and empowered after their hair restoration.

Meet Dr. Gartner

The surgeon behind your FUE hair transplant in New Jersey

Dr. Michael Gartner is one of the few cosmetic surgery specialists in the New York/ New Jersey area with a double board certification in plastic surgery with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Gartner first completed his medical training with the University of New Jersey. He then went on to do a one-year rotational internship at the Atlantic Medical Center where he was the Chief Intern, followed by a five-year General Surgery residency at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, New Jersey. After pursuing his initial interest in cardiothoracic surgery, Dr. Gartner decided to specialize in plastic surgery because it allows him to combine his diverse surgical expertise with his artistic skills and sense of creativity.

Dr. Gartner is a world-renowned innovator in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics. Over his years in practice, he has refined his surgical techniques to provide the safest and least invasive approaches so his patients are able to reach their goals while enjoying the fastest recovery and minimal discomfort.

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for Hair Transplant is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Plastic Surgery Center New York Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Dr. Gartner’s plastic surgery and aesthetic practice

In New Jersey, Dr. Gartner and his enhancement team have helped thousands of individuals improve their bodies’ head to toe while making positive changes in their lives. First established in 2008 by Dr. Gartner, his welcoming plastic surgery clinic is fully accredited by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities and equipped with the most advanced surgical technology to ensure you have optimal results.

At our clinic, we offer our patients a wide array of cosmetic procedures for the breast, face and body such as breast augmentations, face-lifts, Brazilian butt lifts and many more. We also have non-surgical treatments for the face and body, including popular injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Dr. Gartner and his team also go above and beyond top industry standards to ensure the comfort of our patients. We offer a pre-emptive anesthesia technique that Dr. Gartner perfected as standard with most surgery. Now in partnership with a Nova Medical, a leading hair transplant clinic in NJ, Dr. Gartner looks to increase the quality of experience and results for all of his hair transplant patients. We’re ready to create a custom strategy just for your case, and we would be pleased to meet with you at our clinic in order to discuss your personal hair restoration goals and to help you evaluate all of your possibilities with our revolutionary HARRTS system. If you or someone you know have been considering a hair transplant for some time, let Nova Medical Hair Transplant and HARRTS show you how a richer head of hair can finally be a reality. There has never been a better time to embark on your journey.

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