Will a Mommy Makeover in New Jersey Send The Wrong Message?

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Will a Mommy Makeover in New Jersey Send The Wrong Message?

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover In New Jersey – Explaining The Procedure To Children

In North America, there’s a common but inaccurate perception of plastic surgery patients that they must be vain, frivolous or insecure to pay for body modification. Many regular, down-to-earth men and women seek help achieving their physical goals,and they are not shallow or superficial people. Still, a societal taboo and fear of being judged can lead one to worry about the message they send with their mommy makeover. In New Jersey, this is a standard, surgical solution for healthy moms that have done all they can to get back in shape. For some, the physical changes left by childbirth can be severely uncomfortable or restrictive. For many, surgical help to get things “back where they belong” makes a big difference to their overall well-being and happiness. It’s unfortunate that anyone would feel concerned about judgment from others when making such a personal choice, but when it comes to their own children and close family or friends, it can be helpful to clarify the goals and outcomes, and plan what to say.

Plenty of mothers think it’s important for their kids to know that beauty is not skin deep and the way we look is not the most important thing about us. They may discourage their little girls from placing too much focus on makeup or pretty clothes but wouldn’t discourage healthy eating or staying in shape at the gym. We all have different ways of defining health and beauty. Good mothers want to be good role models for their kids, so how can they explain the benefits of a mommy makeover in a way that highlights the healthy physical, mental and emotional aspects?

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Less Is More

Most experts will tell you that simple explanations and concise info are all most children need. Age appropriate explanations may mean merelysaying you are getting help to fix or change something on your body. When you explain that you’ll look and feel better after, this is more than enough information for a young child. For older kids and teens, talking about the medically significant effects of a diastasis recti, (separated abdominal muscles) and the motivation to get more physically active will help give them an understanding of the strain a mother’s body undergoes.

Keep It Positive

When something you once had is gone, it’s natural to want to replace it if you can. However, the more critical elements of your communication will be about positive body image and overall healthy choices which include an active lifestyle and feeling good about who you are at each stage of your physical changes. Remember, many women, especially mothers, frequently put others first, but neglect their ownbodies and self-care. It’s important to love and care for yourself, so you’re the best mother you can be. If you’d like to talk about your options for a mommy makeover in New Jersey, contact a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this popular procedure.

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