Ready For A New Jersey Mommy Makeover? Here’s How To Plan!

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Ready For A New Jersey Mommy Makeover? Here’s How To Plan!

Mommy Makeover

The one thing women won’t learn from Murkoff and Mazel is how their bodies change after giving birth. The weight gain and growth from pregnancy leads to retained fat deposits and loose skin. The end of lactation can bring deflated and sagging breasts.

These lingering problems can make a woman self-conscious and unsatisfied with her appearance, which is why the New Jersey Mommy Makeover is so popular. A Mommy Makeover is a set of customizable cosmetic procedures meant to restore and rejuvenate a woman’s appearance following the rigors of pregnancy. If this sounds appealing, here are a few tips on what you need to know to get started.

Finding A Surgeon

A quick Google search will get you the names of several potential surgeons but there are also other ways to find candidates.

Ask Friends & Coworkers

Talking to someone who has undergone plastic surgery already is a great way to learn about what the experience is like and to get recommendations on a surgeon. If anyone in your social or work circles has had cosmetic work done–or knows someone who has–try to arrange a sit-down over coffee to ask a few questions.

Ask Your Doctor

It is important to inform your family doctor about your decision to pursue cosmetic surgery. Not only will your doctor give you advice based on your specific medical needs and history, they can also recommend any surgeons in the area who have good professional reputations.

Are You A Candidate For Mommy Makeover?

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It is a good idea to book consultations with at least 2-3 potential surgeons before settling on one to give you a Mommy Makeover in New Jersey. Consultations are like comparison shopping in that the idea is to learn about your candidates and see how they match up against one another in addition to your own needs.

Feel free to ask questions about the surgeon’s experience or training, the number of Mommy Makeovers they perform annually, satisfaction rates, and any other detail you feel important to your final decision. Don’t forget that you can (and should) look up a candidate’s credentials with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Define Your Goals

Having clear goals about what you want your makeover to accomplish will make it easier for your surgeon during consultation when they discuss which procedures are most suited to your needs. Consider visual aids, such as pre-pregnancy photographs, to help communicate your intentions. It can also help to describe ways that you feel restricted by your appearance–clothes you can’t wear, activities you can’t comfortably participate in, etc.–to give your candidate a sense of the non-cosmetic outcomes you are looking for.

Pick Your Procedures

As mentioned above, a New Jersey Mommy Makeover is a set of procedures that can be included or left out of the final package. Take time to go over your options with your surgeon and figure out which options are best for you. The most common surgeries used in a Mommy Makeover are a breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Other possible procedures include fat grafting, labiaplasty, thigh lift, butt lift, and scar revision.

Doctor Michael Gartner is world-renowned as an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He is one of few plastic surgeons in the country to hold Double Board Certification as a plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and as a general surgeon with the American Board of Surgery.

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