New Jersey Mommy Makeover Is The Most Popular Procedure For Moms

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Here Is Why The New Jersey Mommy Makeover Is Becoming The Most Popular Procedure For Moms

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy causes a number of changes to a woman’s body. Her stomach will stretch, breasts will swell, and areas like the thighs and hips will expand. The body also starts to build up fat and forms numerous deposits along the abdomen and hip area. All of these changes are meant to support the pregnancy but their impact lasts long after the baby is delivered.

These effects, such as loose skin or deflated breasts, can leave women struggling as they try to get back into shape and ultimately dissatisfied with their appearance. One of the increasingly popular ways to address these changes is the New Jersey Mommy Makeover, a set of cosmetic procedures tailored to a woman’s unique post-pregnancy changes and self-improvement goals. Here are just a few of the reasons behind the trend.

Covers Everything

A Mommy Makeover addresses every part of a woman’s post-pregnancy changes from the common to the rare. The Big Three procedures–abdominoplasty, breast augmentation/lift, and liposuction–are decisively suited for repairing and toning loose abdominal muscles, removing excess skin, restoring volume and shape to the breasts, and eliminating pesky fat deposits, all of which are common complaints for moms.

These three alone don’t cover every possible concern, however, which is why New Jersey Mommy Makeovers can potentially include a number of less common procedures to ensure every woman has her needs met. Treatments such as scar revision, labiaplasty, breast reduction, fat grafting, butt lift, and more are all possible inclusions.

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Flexible & Scalable

A Mommy Makeover is customizable from the top-down. This means that not only can the type of procedures be adjusted for individual needs but also the surgery’s specifics. Abdominoplasty, for example, has several variations that are used depending on personal preference and need. There is the traditional full tummy tuck, which treats loose skin and muscle and includes liposuction to remove fatty deposits, the mini-tuck, which is just for loose skin and focuses on the lower abdomen, and the extended tuck that covers the thighs and back for a 360-degree improvement.

Many of the procedures included in a Mommy Makeover has this same potential for customization so every woman can receive exactly what they need.

Combination Approach

A Mommy Makeover uses multiple procedures but not necessarily multiple surgeries. It is common to take a combination approach and arrange for multiple procedures to take place in the same operation. Combining is beneficial because it cuts down on the number of surgeries needed and by extension the number of recovery periods a woman has to go through.

This means less downtime and allows a woman to get back on her feet faster than if the procedures were done individually. As an extra benefit, most surgeons offer significant discounts for combined procedures. This makes a Mommy Makeover extremely time and cost-efficient, both of which are serious concerns when raising a small child.

Does What the Body Cannot

Perhaps the biggest reason the New Jersey Mommy Makeover is increasingly popular is that women are realizing that there are simply limits to what changes can be accomplished individually. Diet, exercise, and hard work can do a lot to improve the body but it doesn’t change skin elasticity, lost breast volume, and there is no way to physically tone abdominal muscles that have become loosened. A Mommy Makeover, however, can and does respond to these issues and the results are easy to see.

Doctor Michael Gartner is a certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is world renowned as an innovator in aesthetic plastic surgery. He takes pride in devising the ideal procedures for his patients’ unique needs and seeing them through their cosmetic journey.

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