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Need A New Jersey Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover

The female body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy, all of which are for the benefit of the child. Unfortunately, these changes can stick around following delivery and do little beyond making a woman self-conscious about her appearance. A Mommy Makeover is a set of customizable cosmetic procedures that restore a woman’s natural appearance following the rigors of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The goal is to tailor a set of standard procedures to the woman’s unique needs and concerns. If you are interested in a New Jersey Mommy Makeover, read on to learn the most important details on getting started.


The ideal Mommy Makeover candidate is a woman who has finished breastfeeding and does not smoke for at least two weeks before and after surgery. Women who plan to have additional children should also keep in mind that if breast implants are chosen as part of their New Jersey Mommy Makeover, can interfere with future breastfeeding.

It is important for a candidate to have realistic expectations about what the procedures can offer them. The main goal of a Mommy Makeover is to help a woman feel like herself once again but there are very real limits to how much cosmetic surgery can change a person’s life. Your surgeon will spend time going over likely outcomes with you during the consultation and you can use this opportunity to get a well-rounded sense of what to expect.


Most Mommy Makeovers include a breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction in order to target the most common aftereffects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. A breast lift is used to restore the shape and volume of breasts that have sagged, deflated, or sometimes remained swollen. The tummy tuck is employed to remove sagging skin and restore muscle tone to the abdominal area. Liposuction targets fatty deposits that were formerly used to help nourish the unborn child. Additional procedures may also include breast augmentation or scar revision.

These procedures are typically performed, as part of a single operation in order to minimize the amount of recovery and downtime the woman needs to go through. The combined approach also allows for significant discounts since expenses like staff, anesthesia, and surgical suite only need to be paid for once.

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As mentioned above, a woman should not smoke for the two weeks prior to her New Jersey Mommy Makeover. This is because smoking decreases blood circulation and can interfere with the recovery process. Additional parts of preparing for surgery might mean avoiding aspirin or certain drugs or supplements as recommended by your doctor.

If your surgeon is using general anesthesia, it is important not to eat for up to eight hours before your surgery. Drinks should be avoided up to two hours beforehand, but clear fluids (water, light juices, etc.) are ok.


The standard recovery period for a Mommy Makeover lasts four-to-six weeks. You will be able to engage in light activity after the first four days or so and may be able to return to work after around ten days. Physical exertions that use the upper body or abdominal muscles or that work up a sweat should continue to be avoided until the full recovery period has finished. The exact types of restrictions you will need to follow will depend on the specifics of your chosen surgeries and your doctor will be able to offer advice better tailored to your needs.

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