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Mommy Makeover In New Jersey – Don’t Fear Surgical Scars

Mommy Makeover

A common concern among women who get Mommy Makeovers in New Jersey is scarring. This is understandable—cosmetic surgery is about improving one’s appearance and scars can be both noticeable and unattractive. The bad news is that scars are an unavoidable part of any cosmetic procedure that breaks the skin. The good news is that while scars are unavoidable, noticeable scars are not. Here are the ways that you and your surgeon can minimize the appearance of scars.

Incision Placement

The most direct way to keep a scar from being noticeable is to put it in a place that is naturally concealed. Surgeons know this and will keep this in mind when performing a Mommy Makeover in New Jersey. For example, procedures targeting the breasts will usually use the inframammary fold as the incision site. This is where the breast meets the body and is naturally concealed by the folds of the skin and the breast itself. Abdominal procedures place incisions along the lower abdomen near the pubic area where they can be concealed by even low-cut jeans or swimsuits.

Scale of Procedure

Many of the procedures involved have “mini” variants such as a min-tuck or mini-lift. These are more targeted versions of the full procedure and require smaller incisions as a result. During the consultation period, be sure to ask about these options and you and your surgeon can assess whether they will be viable options considering your other needs.

Minimize Sun Exposure

The incision site will be very sensitive following your New Jersey Mommy Makeover and it is important to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight during the recovery period. Sun exposure can irritate the skin and cause the incision to darken, lighten, or become inflamed.

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Take it Easy

A smooth recovery decreases the chance of noticeable scars. One of the better ways to promote healing is to relax and avoid strenuous or sudden movements, especially during the first few days of your recovery. This will likely require getting someone to help you with household tasks and childcare for a few days to a week depending on the pace of your recovery. You may also need to take up to a month off work if your job involves heavy lifting or similar levels of exertion.

Eat Well

A well-balanced diet can do wonders for your recovery and you should take extra care to stay properly fed, especially during the first few days. This can sometimes be easier said than done since some patients experience lingering nausea from the anesthetic. Plan ahead and stock up on easy-to-digest foods like bananas, applesauce, and soups in case this happens to you. Another way to keep an upset stomach under control is to eat four-to-five smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large ones.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking will interfere with your body’s repair mechanisms and will both make your recovery last longer and can increase the likelihood of a scar healing poorly. Cigarettes should be avoided for at least two weeks before and after the date of your Mommy Makeover and alcohol should be avoided for a few days prior and for the duration of your recovery.

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