Surprising Ways A New Jersey Mommy Makeover Can Boost Mental Health!

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Learn The Surprising Ways A New Jersey Mommy Makeover Can Boost Mental Health!

Mommy Makeover

When people consider cosmetic surgery, they usually think about appearances and physical results. This is understandable, but it only captures part of the changes cosmetic surgery can bring to a person’s life. Procedures such as the New Jersey Mommy Makeover can offer very real psychological benefits and mental health improvements while at the same time reversing the unwanted physical effects a pregnancy can bring to the body.

Body Image

Pregnancy and childbirth are often spoken of with wonder at the miracle of life, but as impressive as the process is; it can have genuine consequences for a woman’s body that aren’t always discussed openly. Skin is fantastically pliable and resilient but most women’s tissues can’t take nine months of steady stretching without sagging. The abdominal muscles can weaken and separate vertically to the point that they become impossible to properly tone with exercise.

Breasts may deflate past their pre-pregnancy size and sag once the volume diminishes. Fat deposits don’t go away and Caesarean delivery may leave unsightly scars. Though most women understand that changes are inevitable and may even embrace them, for a large number of people, lasting changes cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Clothes may not fight the way they used to and it is not uncommon for women to feel like they can’t show as much of their body as they want. A New Jersey Mommy Makeover is meant to address these common changes and give a woman the sense of being herself again.

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Body image and self-esteem are heavily linked. How attractive one feels or doesn’t feel, plays into how they carry themselves, how outgoing they may be, and even how comfortable they are with sexual partners. It’s important to note that cosmetic surgery walks a delicate balance when discussing matters of self-esteem or life improvements.

Cosmetic procedures aren’t a way to radically change one’s life or solve depression. It is not prescriptive for mental and emotional problems, however feeling better about specific parts of one’s appearance can translate to a stronger sense of confidence overall and can feel life-changing, so long as expectations are kept realistic.


Aside from the exhaustion that comes from taking care of a small child, it can be difficult for women to feel sexy once their body has experienced changes after pregnancy. Sexuality is another healthy part of our well-being and the way it ties into intimate relationships and self-esteem should not be ignored. A New Jersey Mommy Makeover can help a mother feel sexy again and rekindle their intimate experiences.

Something For Yourself

The last mental health benefit of a Mommy Makeover is the way it lets a mother do something for herself. Mothers, after all, give a great deal of themselves throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Amidst this selflessness, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s own needs or feel guilty for wanting to do something just for yourself. Once a woman is ready, no matter how old her children are, cosmetic surgery can be empowering because it lets her affirm herself and recognize that her needs matter.

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