How Soon Can I start Work Out After Mommy Makeover in New Jersey?

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How Soon Can I Begin to Work Out After My Mommy Makeover in New Jersey?

Mommy Makeover

If you worked hard to get your post-baby body back in shape after giving birth, then regular gym visits, running or sports probably feel like an essential part of life. A mommy makeover in New Jersey is a sought-after cosmetic surgery approach to lifting, nipping and tucking a woman’s body back into youthful form after pregnancy. The combination of procedures usually involve treatment for the abdomen and the breasts but can be completely customized.

While our New Jersey mommy makeover patients are usually eager to get back to regular activities and social lives, we feel it’s essential to set up realistic expectations about the length of time recovery takes. Your safety, and ultimately, your fantastic results will depend somewhat on a careful recovery period.

Returning to the gym depends on components of your makeover

Patients choose a broad variety of cosmetic procedures to make up their new look. They each come with specific restrictions. For instance, when breast implants are placed under the chest muscle, lifting and other arm use restrictions last longer. An abdominoplasty could be mini or full, with or without muscle repair. These differences will affect recovery time, incisions and discomfort while healing. The more extensive your incisions are, the longer they may take to completely heal which means avoiding pools, hot tubs and any other risk of infection.

In general, you’ll be advised to avoid aerobic activity which increases blood pressure for at least 3 weeks. When you get blood pumping harder throughout your body, swelling, pain and even bleeding risks can increase, within a certain timeframe.

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When it’s safe to start light workouts again, you’ll be advised to refrain from aggressive, targeted actions that strain specific muscle groups. If you’ve had an abdominoplasty as part of your mommy makeover in New Jersey, your surgeon will advise against crunches. If you’ve had breast implants, you’ll be asked to avoid pushing, pulling or picking up anything over 10 lbs. These guidelines will stay in place for at least 6 weeks.

Things may feel strange when you resume workouts

Some people are surprised and discouraged to find that they feel a little weak when they begin safely exercising again. The new skin tightness is hard to ignore, and nerves may still be sensitive as they’re healing. You don’t need to worry that you’ll be weaker in the long run. Feeling completely back to yourself may take several months. Dr. Gartner advises his mommy makeover clients to be extra patient with themselves. Even after they’re cleared for the gym, they’re encouraged to listen to their body and consider the first year an adjustment phase. When you’re back in full, fighting form, you’ll be able to enjoy your trim, smooth physique and there’s no limit to how fit you can be.

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