How Much Time Off Work Will I Need After Mommy Makeover?

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How Much Time Off Work Will I Need After My Mommy Makeover in New Jersey?

Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover in New Jersey can firm and tone up a woman’s body head to toe, but the recovery requires some planning. There’s no limit on how much time you can take off to heal if you want top book a significant stay cation for yourself, but there is such a thing as too little. Many busy parents find it difficult to take time away from daily tasks and childcare, in addition to their careers, but if you’re planning a mommy makeover in New Jersey, your time off will be as essential to your outcome as selecting an excellent surgeon.

Your recovery timeline will be unique

That’s because each person’s mommy makeover is unique. The term is a popular nickname used to describe a combination of cosmetic surgeries that mothers typically choose. There’s no set number of procedures, or even a requirement for patients to be a mother. Each patient can have a slightly different combination of treatments to recover from which means their experiences will vary.

A tummy tuck brings restrictions on standing up straight, using abdominal muscles, and midsection swelling. A patient may undergo a breast lift, or implants alone, and these require different incisions. Adding procedures like liposuction or labiaplasty will also add a little time and additional restrictions for activity while healing. On average, most swelling and bruising dissipates by 2 weeks, however the more invasive and extensive your procedures, the longer inflammation will last.

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Set the right expectations after a New jersey mommy makeover

For the first week post-op, you’ll be advised to walk around slowly and regularly to reduce the risk of blood clots. You might feel a bit dizzy, and healing can be tiring so you’ll want to set up various comfy resting zones in your home and alternate walks with naps.

It’s best to arrange for extra help at home and with your children and pets if you have them. Performing housework, running errands or lifting anything heavy won’t be permitted. You might need someone on hand to cook meals or do light shopping because you won’t be able to stand or sit for long periods, and you can’t drive if you’re taking prescribed pain medication.

Depending on your job, you may need to take more than the standard 2 weeks away. That’s because sitting or standing for long periods can cause discomfort, increased swelling and muscle strain. You won’t be permitted to lift anything heavy so if your work is somewhat physical, you’ll need to modify, improvise, or take more time at home.

Slowing down helps you recover faster

It may sound counter-intuitive but relaxing more and doing less will help you get back into action more quickly. That’s because when people push themselves to get active too soon, they set back their recovery. Ongoing tissue swelling and inflammation, fluid accumulation and sensitivity persist when people overuse their muscles or increase their blood pressure.

Once your plastic surgeon has cleared you, you can begin light aerobic activity to start.

Most plastic surgeons will recommend that you start with longer walks at an increased pace. You can eventually return to light Pilates, swimming and bike riding. Strenuous workouts and weight-lifting will need to wait until after 6 weeks. At the point that work life and exercise are safe to resume, it’s still crucial that you listen to your body and slow down if you need to. Some people feel back to normal by 2 months, others will require several. Rest assured, when you’ve finally healed, the patience and rest will be well worth it.

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