Becoming bikini ready after Mommy Makeover in New Jersey

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How long Until You Become Bikini Ready After Your Mommy Makeover in New Jersey

Mommy Makeover

Restoring A Pre-Baby Shape

If you’ve taken the plunge and scheduled your mommy makeover in New Jersey, you probably began planning your new, figure-flattering beachwear soon after. It’s exciting to imagine clothes fitting well again and enjoying the sun without completely hiding your breasts and belly. There’s no question; childbirth can take quite a toll on a woman’s body. While many women will work hard to diet and exercise their way back into shape after pregnancy, there are just too many factors out of their control. These include skin elasticity and the separation of abdominal muscles, known as diastasis recti. Internal and external changes can slowly resolve and bounce back for some,but others need a little help from a mommy makeover to fix the lax, excess tummy skin and drooping breasts.

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in New Jersey, mommy makeover combines two or more cosmetic surgeries designed to restore a pre-baby shape and correct issues of the abdomen and breast. Typical combinations include tummy tuck and breast augmentation, liposuction to the tummy or thighs, breast lift or breast reduction, as well as a breast lift and implant combination. Whatever series of interventions you and your surgeon choose, you will need to be realistic and well-prepared for the recovery phase that follows.

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When Will I Look Good After My New Jersey Mommy Makeover?

Combining procedures can save time and money- two appealing reasons forpeople to go this route. However, the combined recovery is a little more restrictive and lengthy than it would be for each process separately. When your abdominal muscles and tissue are tight and sore, plus your healing breasts limit the use of arms and upper body, you need to minimize physical activity such as aerobic exercise, picking up children, cleaning the home, driving, walking dogs, shopping, etc. Though busy moms often find this slowed pace to be a bit frustrating, following the plastic surgeon’s instruction is essential for safety and a great result. Count on three weeks off work and at least as long away from the gym and other workouts.

The good and bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that you will feel better before you see optimal results. Most people have pain well-managed, and the most significant swelling or bruising resolved in the first two weeks. Residual swelling, however, persists and tends to hang on in the body’s tissues longer the lower down it is. This means that the breasts may begin to be soft and take on their new size and shape within a month or two, but the belly area could remain puffy and misshapen for 4-6 months. Certain factors affect this, including wearing a compression garment and physical activity. Your surgeon will advise you about wearing your binder or compression garment for the first six weeks and minimizing movement that increases blood pressure and swelling. Each person recovers according to their body’s own characteristics though, and you could realistically need a full six months to appreciate your new shape.This is one of the reasons why having a mommy makeover in the fall can be timed very conveniently for a summer reveal. You have taken the first step toward a confident, new you. Take care of your overall health and nutrition, pack your patience, and you’ll be bikini-ready in no time at all.

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