How Important Is Timing For A Mommy Makeover in New Jersey?

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How Important Is Timing For A Mommy Makeover in New Jersey?

Mommy Makeover

When planning a mommy makeover in New Jersey, many women are so excited about their new figure that they don’t put as much thought into the timing of their recovery. The time of year that you undergo such a big, physical change, and the time of life will matter. Although each person has unique circumstances which will influence their choice, we have a few suggestions for you to consider when planning the best time for a renewed body.

How long after pregnancy should you have a mommy makeover in New Jersey?

For many people, the extreme strain on breast and belly skin for 9 months, in addition to excess weight gain, all contribute to unwanted, permanent body changes. Fortunately, a combination of cosmetic surgeries, nicknamed the mommy makeover, can target the most significant post-childbirth problems. These include sagging, excess belly skin, separated abdominal muscles and pockets of stubborn fat around the waist. As well, the breasts often change size and shape after childbirth and breastfeeding. They may sag, shrink or develop downward pointing nipples.

The popular tummy tuck procedure, along with breast lift or augmentation are usually the key components for a mommy makeover in New Jersey. You may add liposuction to this, and even a labiaplasty.

Most women can undergo cosmetic surgeries 6 months to 1 year after pregnancy. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be asked to wait until you’ve stopped for at least 6 months before planning the surgery. Reasons for this have a lot to do with how dynamic and elastic your body is. As the hormones gradually level out in your system, and milk slowly dries up, your skin and other tissues will retract and tighten. They may not ever completely bounce back, but enough time must pass to determine what surgical intervention you really need and to ensure you’re at a stable starting point.

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What is happening in your life?

It’s no secret that the life of new parents can be hectic. With many families including both parents working and raising small children, juggling schedules and maintaining responsibilities can be tricky. For this reason, many women wait until the babies aren’t babies anymore before planning cosmetic procedures.

The treatment will require you to pause the gym and other activities for many weeks, and you won’t be allowed to lift or carry anything for 4-6 weeks. That includes children, which means that appropriate child and pet care must be in place to recover safely. We even recommend that our clients hire help with housecleaning and other errands so they can focus on a slow, careful recovery without rushing or straining themselves. Unfortunately, there’s no way around the body’s natural process for healing, and when you have operations on your top and bottom half, safe recovery requires unplugging for the recommended amount of time.

Ensure that your body weight is where you want it

Fitness and body weight are critical for you to enjoy long term, ideal results. The mommy makeover is designed to help sculpt and reshape the body, but it isn’t a weight loss tool. In fact, the intraabdominal fat which leads to a protruding belly can’t be reduced through cosmetic surgery and must come off the old-fashioned way using diet and exercise. When you achieve a healthy weight and maintain it 6 months or more, you can significantly improve makeover results and make them last.

The time of life that you choose to undergo cosmetic surgery should fit with your expectations, lifestyle and needs. Recovery is an integral part of the process and ensuring plenty of time to do it right will lead to a more comfortable, stress-free experience. We welcome you to contact Dr. Gartner and arrange your personal consultation to learn about the best options for you.

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