Find Out Why Mommy Makeover Surgery Is On The Rise In New Jersey

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Find Out Why Mommy Makeover Surgery Is On The Rise In New Jersey

Mommy Makeover

More and more New Jersey residents are learning about the benefits of a Mommy Makeover. This set of cosmetic procedures is tailored to help women restore their bodies to how they were before experiencing the long-term changes pregnancy can leave behind. To get a sense of just why Mommy Makeovers in New Jersey are on the rise, it helps to break down exactly how the procedures help restore a woman’s body. Here are just some of the ways this procedure can help mothers regain their former looks.

Breast Enhancement

It is natural for a woman’s breasts to swell during pregnancy, but they can sometimes shrink more than needed following delivery. Breastfeeding can also result in loss of shape and volume. These two facts mean that many mothers find themselves frustrated by deflated or sagging breasts, not to mention excess tissue. This is why most Mommy Makeovers in New Jersey include a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both. These procedures will remove excess tissue and restore shape and volume to the breasts.

In some cases, women will find that their breasts do not return their normal size following delivery and instead remain in their larger state. While this can be desirable for some, others may consider the new size to be uncomfortable and resulting in quality-of-life issues. For these women, breast reduction is an attractive option to get as part of their surgery.

Removing Fat

A woman’s body naturally builds up fat deposits over the course of pregnancy to help nourish the growing child. These deposits, however, don’t go away after delivery and some can prove annoying resistant to removal through diet and exercise. Liposuction is commonly included to treat persistent fat deposits around the thighs or abdomen and produce a slimmer profile that better shows off a woman’s true body.

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Toning the Abdomen

Pregnancy puts the abdomen through its paces as the area faces months of stretching followed by sudden deflation. Unfortunately, this process can take its toll and leave behind sagging, excess skin and abdominal muscles that have become loose or detached from their normal position.

Rather than put up with an unflattering profile, a New Jersey Mommy Makeover that includes a tummy tuck lets women reclaim their bodies. There are several types of tummy tuck procedures available but they all have the same goals of removing excess skin and repairing abdominal muscles to create a flatter stomach and more flattering contour.

Scar Revision

C-sections are a valuable tool, but they can leave behind unpleasant reminders in the form of large or discolored scars. These cars can damage a woman’s self-confidence and make them reluctant to show off their bodies. Fortunately, it’s possible to get scar revision as part of the surgery. Although scars cannot be completely erased, scar revision can shrink or otherwise reduce a scar’s visual impact so the mark is no longer as noticeable or difficult to conceal.

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