Fall & Winter Is The Best Time For A Mommy Makeover In New Jersey

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Find Out Why Fall & Winter Is The Best Time For A Mommy Makeover In New Jersey

Mommy Makeover

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Have you been considering a mommy makeover in New Jersey? You’ve likely thought about when the right stage of life will be, both financially and regarding your children. But did you know there are ideal seasons to undergo cosmetic surgery as well? The combination of tummy and breast surgeries involved in a mommy makeover procedure is typically most comfortable to plan for and manage during the Fall and Winter months. Though you can book your procedure any time, here are a few good reasons you may want to wait until it’s cold outside.

You probably know there will be required, “downtime” after your makeover. Time off work could range from 2-3 weeks,and you’ll need to put away the gym membership temporarily. Relaxing at home, reducing activity and slowing down can be really frustrating for busy women. When the days are darker, colder and shorter, it’s less likely that you’ll feel you’re missing out on fun outdoor activities. Shorter days just might make the time fly by faster and when it’s cold outside, curling up with a blanket and a book seems like a great use of your time, rather than a forced restriction.

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You Won’t Be Bikini Ready For A While After Your New Jersey Mommy Makeover

While the goal for your procedures will be to get your body back into a shape that you feel confident showing off, initial swelling, minor bruising and healing incisions mean that resultsare best hidden for a time. Rather than light, skin-revealing summer clothes, baggy, generous fabric that allows you to recover discretely will be preferable. When the weather is hot, wearing sweats orbulky shirts isn’t ideal,and it may be more evident to others that you’ve had work done. When you bundle up for cold weather, however, you will not only feel more comfortable but hide your post-op shape until it’s entirely ready for the reveal.

School’s On

When the kids are at home all day becauseof summer break, having the rest you need or help at home can be a bigger hassle. It’s recommended, especially for small children, that you have some additional childcare in place for the first few weeks. Extra help with pets and kids means you won’t unintentionally strain yourself and prolong healing. When children spend the day at school, you’ll have more time to recover in peace. Keep in mind, after a New Jersey mommy makeover, driving isn’t possible for at least the first week and likely not advised for two weeks. You need to feel fully mobile and not be taking narcotic pain medication to drive safely, so it may be necessary to arrange for others to transport children.

You Won’t Miss As Much

During the sunny, warmer months is when most people take a vacation and spend time traveling or playing with children and friends. You’ll be fully recovered by the time the warm weather hits if you undergo surgery in the Winter. If you hope to enjoy the slimmer, more youthful shape, you invested in by Spring, get the recovery out of the way at least a few months prior.

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