5 Reasons Why A New Jersey Mommy Makeover Is Right For You

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5 Reasons Why A New Jersey Mommy Makeover Is Right For You

Mommy Makeover

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery can be a daunting one, especially for busy mothers. Even when faced with the numerous bodily changes pregnancy leaves behind, it can be tricky to decide whether a combination treatment like a Mommy Makeover is the “right” option. You might be uncertain about how what these procedures can achieve, or even feel a bit guilty for focusing on body improvement. The truth is that the New Jersey Mommy Makeover is a modern solution to a problem as old as the human body and here are just a few reasons why it’s an ideal choice for reclaiming your body.

Makes Clothing Fit Again

A woman’s clothing size will typically increase during pregnancy but it doesn’t always go all the way back down afterwards. The fat deposits that helped support the growing baby will stick around and are resistant to getting burned away from diet or exercise. This resilience is good when supporting a baby but less so when trying to fit into your favorite pants. Liposuction is one of the ‘Big Three’ procedures usually included in a Mommy Makeover and removes these deposits so you can enjoy the same range of clothing you’re used to.

Bikini Confidence

Beachwear can lose its appeal following pregnancy. Between drooping breasts and loose abdominal skin and muscles, many women to choose covering up over fun in the sun. Fortunately, breast lifts and tummy tucks are available as part of a New Jersey Mommy Makeover and will restore the familiar shape, contour, and firmness of the body so you can feel confident when strutting your stuff.

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Breast Shape

Some women may find that they miss the enhanced shapeliness or size their breasts enjoyed during pregnancy. For these women, breast augmentation is a viable way to recapture that fullness and cleavage. Although breast augmentation and implants are commonly associated with large breasts, this doesn’t need to be the goal. It is possible to make subtle, natural-looking changes, which enhance roundness or perkiness of the breasts with minimal size increase. This is why many women who don’t desire a larger bust size consider augmentation as part of their Mommy Makeover experience.

Taking Sexy Back

Feeling worn-out, self-conscious, unsexy, or simply not “you” can be common for moms and those who’ve experienced body weight fluctuations. The physical toll can leave women worried about how others see them, unattractive, or like they’ve lost something important. Self-esteem is an important part of mental health and the importance of feeling confident and attractive in your own body should never be underestimated. A Mommy Makeover can be just the thing to revitalize a woman’s self-image and let them feel attractive and confident again.

Treating Yourself

Motherhood is physically and mentally demanding and it is easy to get caught up in taking care of others. If you’ve lost weight, even without pregnancy, the body changes may mean that you benefit from a similar approach.

A New Jersey Mommy Makeover is one way that a woman can treat herself and take control of how she feels in her skin. Come visit us to talk about your options today.

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