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Mommy makeover NYC

A woman’s figure undergoes such dramatic physical changes following pregnancy and pre pregnancy periods; it’s a natural wonder, and very natural to be left with permanent alterations. More mothers of all ages are choosing a mommy makeover surgery in NYC to reverse the physical changes they don’t want to live with. Much expanded, shifted tissue will retract more or less, but this depends on a person’s skin characteristics, genetics, muscle tone, weight gain, and so much more. If you have stretched, sagging, excess skin and excess fat, a protruding tummy or sagging breasts after bearing a baby body, and want to come back to your “pre baby” shape, that could be fixed with combination of procedures, you’re not alone, and there is a fantastic, comprehensive cosmetic surgery solution.

A mommy makeover surgery in New York City with Dr. Michael Gartner can fill out and perk up the breasts, repair damaged abdominal muscles, everything that is following pregnancy and reveal a smooth, firm tummy as it was during pre pregnancy period. Entirely customizable, the term, “mommy makeover surgery” covers a combination of procedures which dramatically reshape and restore a woman’s figure all in one surgery.

Body changes that persist years of post pregnancy period include:

  • Misshapen breasts
  • Large, heavy breasts
  • Lower nipple position
  • Flattened upper breast poles
  • Much smaller, decreased breast size
  • The abdomen may change drastically after being stretched for 9 months
  • You may see a protruding or sagging frontal abdomen
  • Stretch marks
  • Distorted belly button
  • Stubborn and excess fat deposits
  • Wider hips
  • Elongated labia
  • Fat deposits on the hips
  • Separated abdominal skin and abdominal muscles
  • Excess skin and fat


When you choose a mommy makeover plastic surgery in NYC, can you expect instant transformation? Not exactly. You choose breast lift procedure and belly to be smoother and perkier, and you can improve the appearance of some undesirable body changes. Some limitations come with cosmetic surgery, but you can expect to feel better in your own skin again when you and your board certified surgeon partner to perform procedures to improve the appearance you want. Your personal mommy makeover procedures will include the treatment plan of your choice and will be unique to you. In general, among the upgrades you can expect are the following head-to-toe factors:

Breast lift / Breast augmentation

With the breast lift plastic surgery procedures you can expect to elevate your nipple position if following pregnancy and breastfeeding left them pointing downward. After a breast lift / breast augmentation can expect a perkier breast skin and breast shape and increased volume or cleavage depending on whether you choose breast implants or a mastopexy (breast lift). Any breast surgery (breast lift, breast augmentation surgery) will require scars, though your plastic surgeons will place them discretely whenever possible.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Procedures

You can expect a smoother, firmer abdomen after a tummy tuck surgery. If you’ve experienced muscle separation during post pregnancy period, you can have a surgical tummy tuck correction that draws the abdominal muscles firmly back together for a slimmer waist and stronger core, ( diastasis recti repair.) You can have your navel reconstructed through a standard tummy tuck surgery or minor improvements made to the lower belly through a mini tummy tuck. Most NYC mommy makeovers include tummy enhancement surgery. Expect at least one long incision on the lower abdomen, which results in a scar. Whenever possible, you can expect your plastic surgeon to place the tummy tuck scar low, and well-hidden below the underwear line.


You can add liposuction to assist with body shaping in the midsection, or anywhere else you need it. Keep in mind that liposuction isn’t designed for weight loss, but you can expect to target problem areas with this effective contouring treatment. Many people add waist and flank liposuction to their abdominoplasty.


You can expect to enhance your buttocks during your mommy makeover in NYC if you choose. Liposuction from regions where you have extra fat allows for fat grafting into the buttocks to sculpt shapely volume you want. A Brazilian butt lift offers the benefit of whole body shaping with reduction and addition of fat for an hourglass shape.


If you wish to add facial enhancements such as dermal fillers during your NYC mommy makeover, your plastic board certified surgeon would like to discuss this option with you.

Mommy Makeover NYC

Mommy makeover in NYC with Dr. Gartner is renowned for body reshaping achievements. We invite you to learn more about mommy makeover surgery.

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What do you need? There’s a New York City mommy makeover for you

NYC Mommy Makeover Surgery | Combination of procedures

Many of Dr. Gartner’s mommy makeover NYC patients are fit, healthy people who’ve worked hard to shed the excess baby body weight, yet changes noted in the skin and fat of the belly and breasts can’t be fixed with just exercise or diet. As well, the separation of abdominal muscles, called diastasis rectus, must be repaired through surgery. Some people perform endless crunches and workout daily to tone their abs to get to the “pre baby”, yet their soft belly protrudes because of muscle separation. A typical NYC mommy makeover includes a breast surgery procedure and abdominoplasty, but the varieties available for each area are diverse, and your best options will depend on your needs.

Different Techniques

Common plastic surgery combinations include:

  • Tummy tuck to excise stretched, excess skin, repair muscles and flatten the belly
  • Breast lift ( mastopexy), breast implants, or both, breast augmentation
  • Liposuction to contour problem areas
  • Labiaplasty

There are a few different techniques used for tummy tucks. Dr. Gartner offers the PST, progressive suture technique, full abdominoplasty and mini abdominoplasty as well. Each removes excess skin and fat following pregnancy below the navel and pulls the remaining skin taut. A low, horizontal incision will be well hidden within your underwear line. You may have the belly button reconstructed as well. A surgery dr will be removing excess skin and stretch marks below the navel, and remaining stretch marks are stretched smooth. The separated muscles underneath is sutured tightly together, which helps slim and narrow the waist.


Liposuction is removing excess and the stubborn pockets of fat on the “love handle” area, back, thighs, hips and arms. It’s common to add a little liposuction for the abdomen when performing a tummy tuck, but your NYC mommy makeover may include liposuction for additional areas.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants is often enough to fill out deflated tissue and restore pre-pregnancy firmness. Many people choose a low or moderate profile implant to naturally enhance cleavage without a significant size increase. You may need different plastic surgery, breast lift to reposition low nipples or a surgery that removes excess skin and fat. Breast augmentation can be done on its own, maintaining your own breast tissue volume, or combined with breast implants in an augmentation mastopexy.


Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery that is designed to trim away excess labia minora so that they protrude less and feel more comfortable. Some people prefer the look of shorter labia, and others choose this procedure for comfort. It’s a relatively simple addition to any mommy makeover.

Who is the typical patient of a mommy makeover?

We understand that each patient has unique bodies and concerns so your consultation process will ensure you can identify and target top aesthetic goals.

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What can you expect to gain through a mommy makeover?

  • Reclaim a perky, youthful breast shape
  • Elevate the areolas
  • Increase the size of breasts and gain full-looking cleavage (breast augmentation, breast lift)
  • Reduce fat from your midsection, flanks, and other areas
  • Firm your stomach, tummy tuck
  • Repair diastasis recti
  • Remove loose, sagging skin on the abdomen, stretch marks
  • Reduce labia size
  • Increase the curvy shape of your buttocks
  • Accentuate an hourglass shape
  • Revitalize your face with injectable treatments

What can you expect from MOMMY MAKEOVER SURGERY?

You can choose a cosmetic makeover for whatever reason you wish.

  • You can expect to feel temporarily sore and swollen with a tight sensation in the midsection
  • You’ll be able to return to work anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of recovery time after surgery depending on your situation
  • You can expect less than three months (2-3 weeks) recovery period for your surgical incisions to heal and roughly 6 months for scars to fade
  • You’ll enjoy seeing results faster than with traditional surgical techniques.
  • You’ll take at least a few weeks off from fitness and gym schedules
  • You’ll wear a stretchy, compression garment for your midsection and possibly other areas until cleared to discontinue
  • Once you resume your diet and exercise, you may find that movements are easier and more comfortable after we take care of skin and fat and muscles firm again.
  • You can expect clothing to fit better once your initial swelling resolves after the first month
  • You can expect to see final results sometime after 6 months

Dr. Gartner’s patients are diverse. Some are young mothers who wait the recommended 6 months to one year, then undergo cosmetic surgery to help them get the “pre baby” shape again so they could get back to their pre pregnancy lifestyle. Some are older moms who’ve raised their kids and are finally ready to do something for themselves as they enter a new phase of life. Some mommy makeover patients haven’t had children, and their body changes are due to dramatic weight fluctuations or age.

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for mommy makeover surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation with dr. gartner.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Plastic Surgery Center New York Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for mommy makeover surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation with dr. gartner.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Plastic Surgery Center New York Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Our Surgical Center

Our facility is accredited with the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). They offer the highest certification for safety that an ambulatory hospital can achieve in the U.S.

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Are you an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover?

Ideal candidates for mommy makeovers in NYC New York City have healthy expectations for the mommy makeover procedure.

  • They know that perfection is not a realistic goal, but there are many improvements that can be made and satisfying results of mommy makeover surgery for those who have the right outlook.
  • They should plan for help with children and pet care while healing and take at least two weeks off to recuperate at home.
  • Women of all ages seeking improvement of two or more body areas may be well suited to a makeover.
  • They should be in good general health, without untreated medical conditions or autoimmune disorders, problems with bleeding or clotting.
  • Your certified plastic surgeon will take care of your physical examination and review your medical history and ask you questions to help determine that the surgery you want is safe for you.

Schedule your one on one mommy makeover consultation with Dr. Gartner

As one of the top 10 plastic surgery clinics in New York, we offer state of the art surgical facilities and a beautiful patient experience from your first visit to your last check up to celebrate results.

  • Dr. Gartner will spend time with you to hear your concerns and answer questions.
  • He’ll listen to you and ensure that you don’t feel rushed. Feel free to bring a list of questions and bring a friend too!
  • Your consultation should be relaxing, pressure-free and a great way to gather detailed, personalized information you need to make a decision.

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We work with reputable financing companies to help make cosmetic surgical payments more convenient. Just ask about medical financing when you arrive for your consultation. We invite you to call and let us make your mommy makeover appointment today. We look forward to meeting you and helping your aesthetic goals become a reality..

Find out about mommy makeover techniques

NYC mommy makeover techniques which are unique to Dr. Gartner:

Local Anesthesia

You may need only local anesthesia and oral sedation for some makeover treatments. General anesthesia is related to side effects like lasting grogginess, nausea or vomiting, but for less invasive treatments you may forgo these.


Dr. Gartner uses advanced techniques and surgical devices like Smartlipo. This laser-assisted liposuction device is designed to decrease bleeding and bruising while improving the rate of overlying skin retraction. This leaves skin looking more toned than through older liposuction methods.

Preemptive Anaesthesia

Dr. Gartner has developed an advanced technique for reducing pain and the need for excessive medications. Called “Preemptive Anaesthesia,” it involves administering anesthesia before the procedure begins and preventing severe pain from developing at all. Patients have a much more comfortable, quick recovery, which is essential for busy moms and those who wish to avoid taking narcotic pain medication when possible.

All in one Surgery and Recovery

All the elements of a mommy makeover in NYC may be done in a single surgery. Your plastic surgeon will let you know how many different operations can safely be turned into a combination of surgical procedures. Dr. Gartner’s patients appreciate having only one recovery period to plan for. Scheduling time off work and regular activities can be challenging. Those who need to arrange childcare especially prefer to do it for longer, one time.

Dissolvable Sutures

The telltale train track marks left by some stitches or staples after surgery won’t be a problem for you. Dr. Gartner uses dissolvable sutures, which are hidden under the skin and do not need to be removed. Your body will naturally break down the material over time. Incisions heal in neat, fine lines and result in less visible scars. Dr. Gartner would like to share professional tips to help minimize the look of your scars after you’ve healed.

Belly Button

Dr. Gartner pays special attention to the creation of a natural, youthful-looking navel, which is more vertical oval than perfectly round or horizontal.


Mommy Makeover NYC

What Can You Expect After Surgery?

Depending on how many procedures you combine, your recovery needs will vary somewhat. Most people can return to work by 2 to 3 weeks after a mommy makeover in NYC. There are usually restrictions for physical activity such as picking up children, and vigorous use of abdominal or chest muscles. You can expect to have incisions requiring care and protection for at least a few weeks. Scars are inevitable, but you can expect your scars to be well-hidden within underwear lines. Your surgeon will likely advise you to wait 6 weeks or more before resuming workouts, and you’ll need an extra set of hands at home if you have small children or pets to care for. Luckily, combining procedures means only one recovery period for numerous benefits.

Mommy Makeover NYC

Can You Have A Mommy Makeover If You Haven’t Had Children?

The combination of breast and abdomen surgery is optimal for many women, not just those who’ve been pregnant. Weight fluctuations and normal aging also change the body, particularly the tummy and breasts. Many busy people want to make a dramatic change in their appearance without the inconvenience of multiple surgeries and recovery periods. A mommy makeover allows patients to target several issues simultaneously.

Mommy Makeover NYC

Can You Have Children After An NYC Mommy Makeover?

Though your plastic surgeon will likely recommend you don’t become pregnant following your cosmetic surgeries, there should be no physical reason you can’t. The problem to consider is that you could “undo” your results as tissues once again stretch and expand. Talk to your surgeon about family planning if you have concerns about timing.

Mommy Makeover New Jersey

How Long Does A Mommy Makeover Surgery Take?

Your procedure might take between 3 to 6 hours to complete, depending on your unique plan. You may combine a tummy tuck, breast enhancement and additional liposuction or lifting treatments. After your operation, you may stay overnight at your surgical facility or return home to recover a few hours later. Your surgeon will assess you and recommend your best care plan.

Mommy Makeover new jersey

How Much Does A Mommy Makeover In NYC Cost?

The cost of a mommy makeover can vary depending on your clinic’s location and a few other critical factors. Most New York plastic surgeons will provide you with a personalized surgical quote the same day you visit for consultation. Once you’ve been examined and thoroughly discussed your desired changes, you can see what your total cost will be. Factors often included in mommy makeover prices: your surgeon’s professional fee, the cost of anesthesia, licenced anesthesiologist and nursing staff, the cost of an operating room. The quote may also include all your pre and post-operative visits, incidental medical supplies and a surgical garment. Insurance companies don’t cover the cost of mommy makeovers in NYC because the nature of the surgery is elective and cosmetic. However, most plastic surgeons do work with 3rd party medical financing companies who help make payments easier.


No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No “Miracle cures” for medical ailments.*

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How To Calculate The Cost Of Your Mommy Makeover in NYC

Mommy Makeover


A mommy makeover in NYC is entirely customizable for you. This combined cosmetic surgery allows women to tighten, tone and lift from head to toe during one operation. Typically used to restore the post-pregnancy body, most women choose breast and tummy surgeries, with a few additional options added.

You don’t need to be a mother to benefit from this makeover. If you’ve lost significant body weight, a breast and belly enhancement package may be just what you need to feel confident again. Because each woman’s mommy makeover is unique to them, so are their prices. We’ll break down a few standard components to consider, so you can get a better understanding of your potential costs.

NYC Mommy Makeover costs

Your total surgical quote may be between $10,000 to $30,000 on average. The most significant influence on the cost of a makeover is the number of procedures included. It’s usually more cost-effective to undergo multiple procedures at one time because patients pay only one anesthetic and facility fee. However, they can also count on longer recovery time.

Breast enhancement

Most mommy makeovers in NYC include breast enhancement surgery. For you, that may be a breast lift, breast implants, or both. Some women even choose a breast reduction if that’s what they need to feel more proportionate and comfortable with their figure. Breast surgery ranges from $5,000 – $10,000 in most cases.

The Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center offers a carefully curated selection of aesthetic treatments to suit every need. We invite you to book a consultation and find out which of our facial peel options are best suited to your needs.

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Dr. Gartner specializes in Mommy Makeovers which enhance your appearance from head to toe.

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Are You A Candidate For Mommy Makeover?

At Gartner Plastic Surgery we have helped tons of moms get their pre-baby figure back, real moms with real results.

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Targeted removal of fat deposits is ideal for smaller, stubborn areas like love handles (flanks) or outer thighs. Your liposuction may cost $2,000 to $8,000, depending on how many areas you treat.


Tummy tuck cost begins at around $6,000 and may be as high as $10,000. The price depends on how extensive the procedure will be for you because more intensive abdominoplasties take longer to complete. A “mini tummy tuck” has the lowest cost as it removes just a small amount of skin and targets below the navel. Removing significant skin, repairing a diastasis rectus (separated abdominal muscles) and removing excess fat from the tummy will comprise a more extensive surgery.

Additional costs

In addition to the cosmetic surgeries, an NYC mommy makeover quote may also include:

  • Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like CO2 laser, dermal fillers or Botox
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical center fees
  • Assisting licenced staff
  • Any medications used or prescribed


Due to its comprehensive nature, a mommy makeover carries a high price tag. Many people find it challenging to cover in a single payment, but luckily medical financing helps break down the costs into more manageable monthly payments. Gartner Plastic Surgery partners with several reputable lending companies and we can put you in touch to see if you qualify for a more convenient payment option.

Doctor Michael Gartner holds a Double Board Certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Surgery. His innovations in body contouring allow his patients the fastest, most comfortable recovery experience and beautiful results. Schedule your consultation to learn about your exciting possibilities.

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