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Mommy Makeover New Jersey – Gartner Plastic Surgery

After having children, we know you’ve worked hard to get back the body you had before childbirth. A woman’s body undergoes incredible changes during pregnancy and afterward, we always hope skin and tissues will tighten or,”bounce back.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. If you find that lax skin, protruding belly, drooping or deflated breasts are not improving for you, this might be a great time to consider a Mommy Makeover procedure to bring back the body you remember or the body you’ve always wanted.

You Can Expect

  • Reclaim the perky and more youthful breast contour you once had.
  • Elevate the position of your areolas on the breast mound.
  • Increase the size of your breasts and give you fuller- looking cleavage.
  • *Reduce unwanted fat from your tummy, sides, hips- and other areas.
  • Firm and tone your stomach so that it is flatter and less protruding.
  • Repair separated abdominal muscles, also known as diastasis recti.
  • Remove loose, overhanging skin and tighten skin on the abdomen.
  • Boost the shape and size of your buttocks.
  • Rejuvenate your facial contours with aesthetic and injectable treatments.

You’ll experience

  • You’ll get back to work after the surgery within three days to two weeks, depending on the procedures you choose and job requirements.
  • You will enjoy seeing your results faster than with more traditional, surgical techniques.
  • You’ll have long lasting or permanent results, depending on the treatment you choose.
  • You may find exercise and other physical activity easier – less uncomfortable.
  • You can expect to feel more confident, vibrant, and feel great in your clothes again!


New Jersey mommy makeover patients come from diverse backgrounds and have different needs, but they share a few things in common. Finding out whether you’re a good candidate for this combination, cosmetic surgery is a critical first step. When you meet your plastic surgeon in person, they’ll provide the personalized feedback and suggestions required for your ultimate mommy makeover experience. New Jersey mommy makeover candidates:

Understand that this treatment is designed for sculpting, not weight loss

Mommy makeovers often include liposuction, yet any significant weight loss should be achieved before planning this procedure. Excess skin remaining after fat reduction can be tightened, and stubborn pockets of fat treated through liposuction.

Have separated abdominal muscles

If you find that your belly protrudes no matter how you target abdominal muscles through exercise, you may have a permanent separation between abdominal muscles. This is a common occurrence post-pregnancy, known as Diastasis rectus. Abdominoplasty allows for repair and tightening of these muscles.

Desire lifted rejuvenated breasts

The breast component of your New Jersey mommy makeover may include mastopexy (breast lift) breast implants or even a reduction. Many women find that they dramatic size fluctuations, hormonal changes and breastfeeding alter their breast tissue. It’s up to you know you choose to restore your breasts to feel good about your shape again.

Have good health

Patients must be strong and healthy before undergoing multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Your surgeon will ask you questions about your medical history, any prescriptions you take or problems with healing. They’ll want to ensure you’re set up for success and minimal risks.

Wait at least 6 months after finishing breastfeeding

Mommy makeover candidates should plan their procedure after they’ve finished with childbearing and breastfeeding. While it is possible to become pregnant again after the makeover, plastic surgeons don’t recommend it. You would risk undoing the benefits of your surgery if belly and breasts expand post-procedure again.

Have realistic expectations

Mommy makeovers are trendy, in part because they accomplish so much in one surgery. For many women, the improvements to abdomen, breasts and more provide dramatic transformation. It’s essential to understand what limitations exist with any cosmetic surgery too. Your skilled surgeon will help smooth, slim and lift your body in the areas you need it most.

It’s not possible to completely restore some tissue changes, however. Plastic surgery requires incisions and scars. It requires time off for healing, some discomfort and inherent risks. Patients should be well informed, understand all the considerations and have realistic plans to heal well. They should expect scars and that their body will be improved, not perfect. For those who have good mental and emotional health before surgery, New Jersey mommy makeovers deliver a high satisfaction rate.

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Gartner’s Mommy Makeover surgery has helped many women just like you to see their pre-baby shape and their confidence return.

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Here is what makes your Mommy Makeover at New Jersey Gartner Plastic Surgery unique

Local Anesthesia

Depending on the treatment(s) you choose to help you achieve the improvement you want, you may only need local anesthesia and oral sedation. General anesthesia is related to a higher number of risks and can cause side effects such as grogginess and nausea or vomiting, but you may not have to experience any of these.


Dr. Gartner uses advanced, surgical techniques and devices during your Mommy Makeover, such as Smartlipo. Smartlipo is a laser assisted liposuction device which not only decreases the amount of bleeding and bruising you’ll experience, *but also improves the rate of skin retraction significantly*, leaving your skin firmer than with older methods of liposuction. Dr. Gartner performs liposuction at the same time as your tummy tuck to create an even better improvement of your midsection.

Preemptive Anaesthesia

Dr. Gartner also uses, “Preemptive Anaesthesia” which helps to achieve a reduction of inflammation due to the administration of anesthesia before the surgery itself begins. This allows you to have a more comfortable and faster recovery, reducing the amount of post-procedure pain medication you’ll require and getting you back to enjoying your life faster.

All in One Surgery

All of the elements of your Mommy Makeover may be done together, in one surgery, depending on your needs. That would allow you to plan for one recovery and schedule time off from your regular activities just once. We know you have a busy life that you want to safely get back to as soon as you can. When multiple, more extensive procedures are desired it may be advised to divide them into separate surgeries for your safety or ease of recovery. Dr. Gartner will advise you based on his extensive knowledge, experience and specialty in this area. Sharing your goals and expectations during your consultation will help him to plan for the most appropriate options with you.

Dissolvable Sutures

You won’t need to come back to get your stitches or staples removed because Dr. Gartner uses internal, dissolvable sutures which your body will naturally break down over time and this means that your incisions will heal into neat, smooth and less noticeable scars. Dr. Gartner will be happy to speak with you about ways that you can treat and minimize the appearance of scars after you’ve recovered from surgery. As well, we’ll help you make sure that your results are maintained and you keep your new shape looking great.

Are You A Candidate For Mommy Makeover?

At Gartner Plastic Surgery we have helped tons of moms get their pre-baby figure back, real moms with real results.

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Customized Treatment

While childbearing is a wonderfully profound experience, it can take a heavy toll on your body. Some visible post-childbirth changes may include stretched and misshapen breasts, low, pendulous breasts with decreased volume or elasticity, lowered nipple position, protruding or overhanging stomach, weight gain on the abdomen, hips, and thighs, and separated abdominal muscles. When you’ve waited patiently, exercised taken care of your diet, but you don’t see the improvements you desire, It’s time for a mommy makeover!

A Mommy Makeover is a customized treatment which addresses multiple areas of aesthetic concern. You may choose from a range of specific procedures that are designed to enhance your breasts, tummy, and other areas.

A typical Mommy Makeover includes Breast Augmentation and/or breast Lift, (also called a Mastopexy) and an Abdominoplasty, (also called a Tummy Tuck).

Mommy Makeovers Improvement

Your individualized treatments are custom-tailored to meet your needs. The plan you need to help you look and feel your best may involve a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

No one wants to hear that they look tired! While taking care of your body, why not plan some less invasive, simple treatments to rejuvenate your face? Injectable fillers give you back your youthful appearance by replenishing volume loss to defy aging and gravity. Dermal fillers can improve a variety of aesthetic concerns to provide a beautiful restoration of your facial contours. *In many cases, a short 20-30 minute treatment can give you an instant improvement!* Tired, frowning foreheads are smoothed and look more rested almost instantly with Botox or Dysport treatments. Dr. Gartner can also rejuvenate your facial contours with your own fat, taking it from an area that has an excess amount. That means you’ll have a two-in-one procedure: you’ll be a bit leaner in the area the fat is taken from and your face will look better, too!

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Plastic Surgery Center New York Dr. Gartner

However, the only way to really know if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery is by talking to Dr. Gartner during your private medical consultation.

Consult Dr. Gartner

Your Surgery Explained

Your surgery will be performed at our state-of-the-art surgical facility. Our facility is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). AAAASF medicare certification is considered the gold standard in accreditation and one of the highest certifications any ambulatory center can obtain in the country.

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Your treatment

During your tummy tuck with Dr. Gartner, excess fat in your waist and back can also be removed. These are areas which would not typically be treated effectively with more traditional methods. That means that your mid-section will be more contoured after surgery, resembling more of an hourglass. Dr. Gartner uses the latest surgical techniques to apply progressive tension sutures (PST) which seal tissues below your skin, eliminating any space where a seroma or hematoma (pocket of fluid) could potentially develop. PST also places less tension on your skin, reducing any strain on the blood supply to help with your recovery.

Dr. Gartner also pays special attention to create a natural-looking belly button which has a natural, youthful shape. After your procedure, you may return to light work within a week. Exercise and working out can usually begin around 3-4 weeks post op, though you’ll need to wait about 6 weeks before weight-lifting. You may want to consider a Tummy Tuck if you are at a healthy and stable current weight, finished breastfeeding and unhappy with your midsection due to excess fat, skin and separated abdominal muscles.

Breast Augmentation

When breasts are sagging and your nipple position is no longer ideal, a mastopexy or breast lift procedure can effectively recreate the perky shape you desire, lift the nipples and reduce excess skin. A breast lift involves incisions around the areola and sometimes vertically, below the areolas, however, these incisions typically heal well and become faint over time. Your nipples may be raised by up to three centimeters, correcting droopiness. Breast augmentation with implants is often done along with a mastopexy- in one procedure. This allows you to target your breast shape and size in a single surgery, so you won’t have to undergo two separate surgeries and two separate recovery periods. It is advised that a waiting period of six months passes after giving birth or breastfeeding before surgery is considered.

You may find that breast augmentation with implants will give you back all the fullness you want. Many women with small breasts find that they have them when breastfeeding and must say goodbye to them when they’ve stopped. If you are like many women whose breast tissue seems to have diminished or disappeared after breastfeeding, you will have many implant options. Subtle, natural-looking size increases are possible with a variety of implant sizes and shapes. Let Dr. Gartner know what your ideal “look” is and he’ll help you achieve it.

Procedures Involved

Rejuvenate Your Face

  • BOTOX®
  • Dysport
  • Injectable Fillers
  • Short Scar Facelift
  • Brow Lift

Reclaim Your Body

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Scarless Breast Lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Labiaplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Brazilian Butt Lift

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