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Can You Travel After Your Liposuction in NYC?


Liposuction in NYC is popular for slimming contours and targeting stubborn fat with minimal downtime or scarring. Some patients travel to the Gartner Plastic Surgery Center from across the country or internationally. You can turn your visit to NYC for liposuction into a short vacation. It’s essential for planning to understand when you can safely travel and what limitations you’ll have after surgery.

What can liposuction in NYC do for you?

Dr. Michael Gartner has more than a decade of experience performing liposuction, along with advanced body sculpting and fat grafting procedures. When you meet for your personal consultation, he’ll recommend a customized approach for you and advise you of detailed recovery instructions to ensure you see optimal results.

Your recovery will be affected somewhat by the type of anesthetic used. When treating small areas with liposuction, it’s often possible to use local, injected anesthetic and IV sedation. With this “awake” method, patients usually experience less bruising, swelling and discomfort during recovery. They’ll also skip some of the unpleasant side effects associated with a general anesthetic. These include nausea or dizziness that persist for a few days.

When can you fly?

When patients are under GA for long periods, they have a risk of blood clot formation, which is rare, yet becomes a concern for flying. You may have heard that you can’t fly after cosmetic surgery. This isn’t always the case. It’s generally safe for most patients to fly after 2-4 weeks with their surgeon’s clearance. While people who have local anesthetic and a small treatment area may fly after only a few days, those at higher risk of blood clots have special considerations for long flights. Ask your surgeon what they advise before booking your trips.

After surgeries under general anesthetic, or with a history of blood clots and other risk factors, your surgeon will advise you to wait until a safer time. Air pressure changes while flying also affect swelling in some cases. For that reason, depending on the extent of your liposuction, or how many areas were treated, you may be advised to wait before flying.

Are You A Candidate For Liposuction?

If a part of your body insists on retaining its fat no matter how much weight you lose overall, you could benefit from liposuction.

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Planning vacations and cosmetic surgery

When booking a few weeks off work, it’s understandable that many patients wish to schedule vacation activities during that time. You won’t be bedridden after your liposuction in NYC, but you will be wearing a compression garment to help reduce swelling, and you will be asked to avoid cardio workouts due to blood pressure’s influence on fluid retention and bleeding. Long walks are generally a bad idea in the first week as well because you’ll prolong swelling and discomfort. Until incisions are completely healed, you’ll be at risk of infection from baths, hot tubs, swimming pools or the ocean.

Lastly, sun exposure on inflamed skin or fresh scars may lead to hyperpigmentation. For all these reasons and more, we don’t recommend you attempt to book a dream vacation at this time. Instead, scheduling a few extra days in a luxe hotel suite, or hiring a babysitter so you can relax at a quieter pace is an ideal liposuction vacation for most patients.

Plan ahead

If you’re planning a trip, undergoing body-contouring beforehand can ensure you hit the beach with a shapelier figure. However, you’ll get the most out of your travel once you’re completely healed. Be sure to discuss your plans with your surgeon so they can get you ready with a realistic timeline. If you have questions about liposuction recovery, you’re welcome to contact Gartner Plastic Surgery Center.

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