Why Is It Useful To Wear A Compression Garment After Liposuction?

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Why Is It Useful To Wear A Compression Garment After Your New Jersey Liposuction Procedure?


A compression garment is a piece of clothing that fits tightly around the skin. Wearing a compression garment after Liposuction in New Jersey can help with your surgical recovery.

Although individual needs vary, many surgeons recommend wearing the garment around the clock for the first few weeks following the surgery, after which patients may switch to a less restrictive compression garment.

The importance of wearing a post-surgery compression garment depends upon a variety of factors including how much fat was removed and the patient’s baseline skin laxity. For some patients, the compression garment may not have much as much significance as others, for whom it may make the difference between an excellent outcome and average results.

The garment itself is designed to control swelling and help the skin retract to your new, leaner body contour. By reducing swelling, the healing process is accelerated leading to better results. Furthermore, the compression created by the garment on the tissues helps he body reabsorb the edema fluid that has accumulated in the tissue. Without the aid of a compression garment, this process can be quite lengthy.

Using the garment for the first few weeks following your New Jersey Liposuction will also minimize the risk of developing a seroma or hematoma.

One of the primary reasons that it is useful to wear a compression garment after liposuction is that it can help you achieve optimal results. During liposuction, fat is removed in straw like tunnels. If these cavities are not compressed after the procedure, they may fill up with fluid, which will then turn to scar tissue. Not only can scar tissue can be stiff, bulky and difficult to fix but will also hamper the visible results of your procedure.

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The compression also helps to keep the tissues adherent to the underlying structures while healing which can help avoid wrinkling of the skin as a result of improper tissue healing.

Compression garments are also an effective means to reduce post-operative pain. Furthermore, the pressure provided by these garments has also been shown to reduce the appearance of post-surgical scars and bruising.

When considering a life changing procedure such as liposuction, it is extremely important to do your research and choose a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. When it comes to Liposuction in New Jersey, Dr. Gartner is well known as one of the top surgeons in his field and has been performing liposuction for over a decade with experience in a variety of techniques.

The use of compression garment is an important area that will be covered during your initial consultation so that you are able to fully understand how you can benefit from its use.

Based on the multitude of reasons that a compression garment can be useful following Lipo in New Jersey many argue that it is just as important as the actual method of liposuction used in determining the final results.

Following your procedure, Dr. Gartner provides a detailed list of postoperative instructions. For those whose instructions include the use of a compression garment, it is important to strictly adhere to the guidelines in order to enjoy a smooth recovery with optimal results at the end.

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