What Does New Jersey Liposuction Recovery Really Feel Like?

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What Does New Jersey Liposuction Recovery Really Feel Like?


When contemplating a life changing procedure like Liposuction, it is important to consider the recovery period in your decision making process. Many potential candidate for Liposuction in New Jersey want to know what the recovery really feels like before they are certain they would like to proceed.

When it comes to Liposuction in New Jersey, the procedure itself generally is not painful at all. Dr. Gartner is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the area specializing in Liposuction procedures. Using techniques such as pre-emptive anesthesia, patients are able to enjoy a far more comfortable recovery as well as less hypersensitivity to the trauma of the procedure. The procedure itself, depending on the type of Liposuction, is performed under oral sedation, local or general anesthesia and is therefore virtually painless.

Following the procedure, the most common description of the pain provided by patients is that it is similar to a severe muscle ache, which varies from one day to the next. This soreness will typically limit your physical activity during the recovery process. Although the degree of pain will vary from patient to patient, it is typically more of a discomfort than pain that is experienced. Most patient finds that the pain medication provided by their plastic surgeon is sufficient in alleviating discomfort and allowing them to recover comfortably.

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A common recommendation made by most plastic surgeons that can help with recovery, it the use of a compression garment. This is a tight fitting garment that is designed to control swelling and help the skin retract to your new silhouette. It also minimizes the risk of developing a seroma or hematoma during the recovery period. In addition to this, closely following post-op instructions when it comes to cleaning the incisions, and keeping an eye out for infection can also help with the recovery process.

The recovery time for New Jersey Liposuction will generally vary based on how many areas are treated. However, under most circumstances, the recovery period is fairly quick. Most people are able to return to work within a few days, depending on their job, and back to their normal activities within around two weeks. Since elevating the heart rate can slow down the reduction of swelling, it is typically recommended to avoid vigorous activity or exercise for around two or three weeks. It it expected that varying degrees of bruising and swelling will persist for a few weeks, after which they will begin to subside. There may also be residual areas of tenderness even up to a couple of months following the treatment.

Dr. Gartner takes great pride in putting patient comfort first. For his patients undergoing Lipo in New Jersey, he advises starting to take Arnica tablets two weeks before the procedure. These herbal tablets are known to help with swelling, bruising and pain, making the recover period as smooth as possible. Furthermore, all his patients are provided with detailed post-surgery care instructions. By adhering to these guidelines as closely as possible, your recovery should be smooth and comfortable.

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