Tips For An Easy Recovery After Your Liposuction Procedure

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Tips For An Easy Recovery After Your Liposuction Procedure


If you have made the decision to undergo liposuction, you may be wondering what the recovery period entails. Many patients are understandably anxious about the amount of pain or discomfort they may experience when recovering from surgery. The following tips will help ensure that your recovery from liposuction is as comfortable and easy as possible.


Taking time to research your procedure ahead of time will help you to know what to expect and put your mind at ease. Prior to your procedure, your surgeon will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions to read and follow carefully. For example, a compression garment will need to be worn following your procedure because it helps reduce swelling and ensure smooth results. In most instances, compression garments are required for three to four weeks but they will hide neatly under most clothing.


To minimize stress during recovery, careful planning for the weeks after will allow you time to rest and relax. This means scheduling the necessary time off work beforehand and planning for someone to be by your side for the first 24 hours. It also means preparing your space ahead of time by changing sheets, ensuring laundry is done, and purchasing any groceries you might need ahead of time. In addition, if possible, fill your prescriptions prior to your procedure day so that you don’t need to visit the pharmacy the day of your procedure.

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Be Patient

Although liposuction results can be dramatic and highly satisfying, it is important to be patient while you wait to see your settled result. Don’t be alarmed if you experience swelling in the first few weeks or even months after your surgery. This is an expected part of the recovery process. In fact, it may take 6 months or more for residual swelling to dissipate. When patients have a good understanding of the recovery timeline, they can celebrate each stage that they are in without worry.

Attend Post-Operative Appointments

After your procedure, your surgeon will schedule one or more post-operative appointments to monitor your progress. It is crucial you attend all appointments to be sure that you are healing well and that no issues arise. These appointments are an excellent opportunity for you to discuss questions or concerns that you may have, however, if additional questions arise after your appointments, or you experience any unexpected changes, be sure to contact your surgeon right away.

Allow Yourself Time To Heal

Dr. Gartner has developed specialized pre-emptive anesthesia techniques to greatly minimize discomfort during recovery, but while many patients feel energized within a few days, it is important to limit vigorous activity in the first weeks after your surgery. In addition to scheduling time off from work, exercise should be avoided for at least three to four weeks in order to allow your body time to heal.

Although in most instances, the pain experienced after liposuction is minimal and resolves shortly after the procedure, it is important to take any medication as prescribed to help facilitate a speedy recovery.

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