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New Jersey Liposuction Glossary: Common Terms Explained


When it comes to a Liposuction in New Jersey, there are few commonly used terms that many people do not know the exact meaning of. To clear this up, here is a glossary of terms commonly used when discussing Liposuction:

Apple Shaped Body

This term is usually used to refer to a ‘top heavy’ body type with thin arms, legs and hips with a tendency to gain weight at the weight. Those with an apple shaped body often opt for Lipo in New Jersey as a means to achieve a curvier body contour.


Arnica is a herbal remedy commonly applied to the skin to help with swelling, pain and bruising. It may come in either pill, liquid or cream format.

Banana Rolls

A slang term for a roll of fat underneath the butt cheek and above the thigh.

Bra Roll

Slang term for fat deposits on the sides or underarms that extend to the back bra strap


BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This index is typically used to determine and individuals suitability for liposuction in New Jersey.


An enzyme extracted from the root of pineapple to reduce swelling, bruising and pain


,p>Abbreviation for cubic centimeters. This is a unit used to measure how much material is removed during the Liposuction procedure.

Coke Bottle

Slang term for a body type with narrow torso and wide hips.

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Compression Garment

A tight garment that is worn following Liposuction to help with the healing by reducing swelling and bruising.


A common type of compression garment with a waist cincher.


Fat deposits between the ribs and the buttocks.


This often occurs during the recovery period. As extra blood vessels are sent by the body to the healing site, swelling and hard areas may result. In some cases these may cause lumps, which can be treated with a lymphatic drainage massage.

HD/High Def Lipo

This is a type of liposuction that aims to define musculature and tighten skin for a more sculpted appearance.

Recovery House (RH)

This is a specialized facility that is staffed with 24-hour nurses to help patients recover from the procedure. These facilities are most commonly used by those who have travelled from another country or state for the surgery.


Slang term for protruding fat deposits on the outer thighs.

Wish Pic

A photograph of someone with the type of body you are looking for as a result of liposuction.

If you are considering Liposuction in New Jersey, it is important to first schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine your suitability and get answers to all your questions.

Dr. Gartner is well known as a leader in plastic surgery and has over a decade of experience performing all types of Liposuction procedures. By scheduling an initial consultation, you will get the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what Liposuction can do for you along with any potential risks or complications associated with the procedure.

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