Learn About How Your New Jersey Liposuction Procedure Works

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Learn About How Your New Jersey Liposuction Procedure Works


If you are considering Liposuction in New Jersey, it is natural to be curious about what the actual procedure entails. Learning what it is like to have the procedure and the potential risks involved is the best way to make sure that you are making a fully informed decision that you are comfortable with.

Liposuction, also known as Lipoplasty or Liposculpture, is a procedure to remove unwanted, stubborn pockets of accumulated fat. Patients who opt for Lipo in New Jersey are typically those who have found these fat pockets to persist despite exercise and weight loss.

It is important to understand that Liposuction is not a weight loss tool. Rather it is an effective means to reshape the body and get rid of localized pockets of fat.

The human body has two layers of subcutaneous fat: deep and superficial. A New Jersey Liposuction procedure targets the deep fat layer. During the surgery, a small incision is made and cannula is inserted into the deep layer of fat. As the tube is gently pushed and pulled through the fat, it breaks up fat cells. Then a vacuum pump or syringe is used to suction out the fat. Working on the deep layer of fat is actually safer than the superficial layer, as there is less risk of injuring the skin.

At Dr. Gartner’s Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, he makes Liposuction in New Jersey a unique experience for all his patients. By using pre-emptive anesthesia patients are less hypersensitive to the trauma of surgery as well as the following inflammation. Following the pre-emptive anesthesia, either local or general anesthesia is administered.

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For those removing large amount of fat in several areas of the body, general anesthesia is required for increased comfort and safety. However, for those looking to spot reduce fat in small, targets parts of the body local anesthesia or oral sedation is more appropriate.

Depending on your individual physiology and desired results, the appropriate method of Liposuction will vary. For instance, Smart Lipo is different type of procedure, in which a laser is used in conjunction with the cannula. The heat of the laser helps to soften or liquefy the fat, which makes it easier to remove through the cannula. The procedure is typically less painful and results in less bruising for patients than traditional Liposuction, as a smaller cannula is used.

To learn more about the differences between Smart Lipo and traditional Liposuction, and which one is best for you, we recommend scheduling a private consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Gartner is well known as one of the leading plastic surgeons specializing in Liposuction in New Jersey. Regardless of the type of technique used, the ultimate success of the procedure depends on the expertise of the plastic surgeon. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a surgeon who is Board Certified and highly skilled in the particular procedure you are interested in.

Dr. Gartner is one of the few plastic surgeons in the country that is Double Board Certified and has over a decade of experience performing various types of Liposuction procedures. To find out if Liposuction is right for you, a private consultation is the first step to achieving your aesthetic goals.

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