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Advice About Liposuction In New Jersey And Smoking


When it comes to preparing for Liposuction in New Jersey, it is extremely important to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to the procedure. Smoking decreases the oxygen content in the blood, which decreases the body’s ability to heal. With a decreased healing capacity, recovery will be longer, more uncomfortable and there is a higher risk of developing issues such as tissue death and excessive scarring. Since smoking reduces blood flow, the surgical incision is also more likely to become infected as a result.

Numerous studies have proven that when it comes to surgery, smokers have a decreased healing potential. Dr. Gartner is well known as one of the leading plastic surgeons specializing in the Lipo in New Jersey. All his patients are advised to give up smoking and alcohol two weeks prior to the procedure. For those who do not adhere to these guidelines, the surgery may have to be rescheduled or postponed.

To make sure you achieve optimal results with a minimal risk of complications, it is important to be up front with your plastic surgeon about smoking. During an initial consultation, a detailed physical assessment is performed and your medical history is taken. At this time it is important to mention if you are smoker so that the surgeon can recommend the best course of treatment accordingly.

The problems caused by smoking when it comes to surgery are so negative that many surgeons will not perform certain types of surgeries such as facelifts on smokers at all. The issues caused by smoking can end up destroying the results of Liposuction and even need lead to revision surgery as a mean to achieve the desired results.

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Smoking also puts patients at a significant risk from an anesthesia standpoint. Liposuction in New Jersey is performed under either local or general anesthesia. Smoker’s heart and lungs typically do not work to their full potential. As a result, when under anesthesia, you may experience breathing difficulties and are also at a higher risk of developing pneumonia.

Smokers also often have a persistent cough. This can further hamper the healing process, as repeated coughing can cause pain and unnecessary bleeding following the procedure.

By quitting smoking at least two weeks prior to your surgery, you can greatly lower the risk of complications and have better chances of enjoying the best possible results with a smooth recovery period.

As soon as you quit smoking, the heart and lungs are able to work more efficiently. Furthermore, the unhealthy chemicals inhaled when you smoke, nicotine and carbon monoxide, immediately begin to leave your blood, improving blood flow and reducing the likelihood of complications.

When it comes to Liposuction, a good candidate is typically one is in good overall physical and mental health, and willing to give up smoking prior to the procedure.
If you are interested in getting Liposuction in New Jersey but are struggling with giving up smoking, it is recommended to contact particular associations or a counselor that can help you curb the habit.

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