How To Avoid Weight Gain After Your Liposuction in New Jersey

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How To Avoid Weight Gain After Your Liposuction in New Jersey


It feels incredible to look down and see the smooth lines in your figure that result from your liposuction in New Jersey? This procedure is becoming more and more popular as people realize they no longer have to live with stubborn fat deposits or try to cover up soft body parts. After having body sculpting surgery at Gartner plastic surgery, patients enjoy a sleeker shape, increased confidence, and they love how their clothing accentuates their figure rather than squeezing and highlighting extra fat. As this new reality settles in, some patients begin to feel anxious about how to maintain their results. Liposuction does provide a lasting change, but significant fluctuations in weight following your procedure can ruin the effects of your treatment. Some patients worry they’ll need to take extreme measures to preserve their new shape, but a few simple best practices can easily be incorporated to your everyday routines so that the results of your body contouring last indefinitely.

Stay Hydrated

It may sound cliche to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but the reality is that staying well-hydrated provides benefits to every system of your body, including your skin. One of the most defining characteristics that will determine the long-term benefits of your body contouring is the elasticity of your skin. Simply put, the more elastic your skin is, the smoother and younger your treatment area will appear after fat removal. Staying hydrated will preserve the structure of your skin cells and allow them to maintain a smooth and even appearance.

Drinking water is also vital for keeping your metabolism working effectively, which has a dual benefit: managing your weight and flushing toxins out of your body. Having a glass of water at the start of a meal can help manage cravings and control your appetite since you’ll feel full and satisfied sooner than on an empty stomach. It’s easy enough to keep a reusable water bottle close at hand throughout your day and fill it up each time you’ve emptied it. You’ll look and feel better for it!

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Incorporate Activity As Part of Your Daily Routines

When you look at the long-term results of New Jersey liposuction patients, you might assume that they exercise vigorously for hours a day. The reality is that for most patients, a lasting slimming effect is possible simply by building habits that increase your activity level day to day. When you have the choice between taking stairs or an escalator, opt to take the stairs. If you’re parking at the mall, save yourself time driving in circles and choose a spot that lets you walk an extra few minutes there and back. When the weather is nice, spend a few hours outdoors instead of sitting on a couch snacking. It’s energizing to be outside, and even a short walk in fresh air will leave you mentally and physically refreshed.

Choose Nutritionally-Dense Food

It’s no secret that highly processed convenience foods are detrimental to your health and your figure. It’s okay to indulge in occasional treats, but you’ll benefit from eating a majority of meals and snacks that are based on unprocessed foods. Choose vegetables that are brightly colored, and opt for whole grains, and fresh meat or seafood. Processed foods have tons of added sugar and salt to make up for the natural flavor they lack, and they tend to be lower in fiber, which means you’ll be hungry again sooner and more likely to overeat.

Follow these three simple recommendations, and you can enjoy lasting results from your liposuction in New Jersey as well as improved energy and health overall! With a good routine, you’ll be able to manage your weight and inspire others around you as well.

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