3 Problem Areas To Trim Before Holidays With A Liposuction in New Jersey

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3 Problem Areas You Can Trim Before The Holidays With A Liposuction in New Jersey


Leading up the holidays, it’s amazing how quickly our social calendars fill up with events, get-togethers, and special times with loved ones. With all of the extra eating and drinking, it’s a notorious time for diets to go out the window and for pounds to be packed on. How many times have you stood in front of your closet at the end of December with almost nothing left that fits?

This year can be different if you treat yourself to liposuction in New Jersey. This procedure involves the targeted removal of excess fat from problem areas, and it allows you to instantly sculpt trouble spots that even rigorous dieting and exercise cannot improve. Take some time for yourself this holiday season to invest in smoothing these problem spots where fat accumulates. You’ll be giving yourself one more reason to celebrate: a younger and healthier looking you!

1. Flatten That Belly

In New Jersey, liposuction is most commonly associated with weight loss and fat removal around the stomach and hips. For men and women alike, the abdomen can be one of the most challenging areas to lose fat, and even after significant progress in weight loss many patients struggle to shed inches through their midsection. Leading up to the summer months, many hope to achieve a better beach body, but as bathing suits and shorts are packed away, your fall and winter wardrobe can still flatter and accentuate your figure. Why wait a whole year to be confident in your shape and wear the fashions that you want to? Holiday parties are just as good a reason to look sexy as spending a day at the beach.

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2. Slim Your Upper Arms

When it comes to liposuction, many people overlook the benefits they could have by treating smaller trouble spots. Women in particular often struggle with excess fat in the upper arms, and these flabby deposits can persist even through dieting and exercise. Rather than feeling self-conscious or covering up beautiful outfits with sweaters that hide your arms, consider a sculpting treatment to remove the jiggle from your jingle. As a bonus, if you do lift weights, you’ll be much more motivated to work out when you can actually see the results of your efforts instead of having your muscles hidden under extra padding.

3. Turn Back Time in Your Face And Neck

The cheeks, chin and neck may not be the first areas patients initially think of treating when they book a consultation for liposuction in New Jersey. However, the rejuvenating effects of fat-removal from these locations can be stunning! As we age, our metabolisms slow down, and some degree of weight gain is almost inevitable. Often times, men and women find that excess fat begins to accumulate under their chin or along the jawline, causing them to appear older and flabbier than they are. Many patients find that quick, targeted treatment of their face and neck restores a youthful appearance.

Depending on the area you choose to treat, you’ll want to plan for a recovery period from your procedure before you jump back into your holiday activities. Dr. Gartner can advise you about the length of downtime you need based on the location and scope of contouring you’re having done. If you have questions, we welcome you to call and talk with our caring staff about your new look in the New Year.

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