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Non-surgical Procedure

G-Wave NJ: What You Need to Know

As men become older, more than half of them have problems in the bedroom or with their sexual health. Whether you have ED or not, G-Wave in New Jersey has been proven to cure ED and enhance sexual performance.

G-Wave employs low-intensity high-frequency acoustic waves to encourage the creation of new blood vessels in the penis while also opening existing blood vessels. With G-Wave, you can take your sex life from fine to fantastic.

Understanding Gartner-Wave In New Jersey

  • G-Wave uses low-intensity, high-frequency sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis, eliminate microplaque, and encourage the formation of new blood vessels. G-Wave employs a unique technique that maximizes effectiveness, safety, and outcomes.
  • G-Wave is based on more than 100 clinical trials that indicate a success rate of more than 75% in treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Poor blood flow is the root cause of over 80% of erectile dysfunction problems with men. G-Wave has created a treatment program for ED and Peyronie’s disease that is safe and effective for patients in New Jersey.

How Does G-Wave Help

There are a few things that must be in place for the G-Wave to be effective and successful. Enough blood flow to the penis is required for optimal erection performance to begin with. G-Wave treatments may assist if you’re not experiencing this. The non-invasive G-Wave method uses pulsing acoustic shockwaves to encourage new blood vessel formation in the penis which will ultimately help with blood flow.

During G-Wave shockwave treatment, blood flow to the penis is boosted, which improves overall sexual function. This groundbreaking medical procedure eliminates micro-plaque and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels in the penis, a process known as angiogenesis. As a result from the treatment, the penis receives more blood, resulting in firmer, longer-lasting erections, increased sensitivity, and increased penile girth.

G-Wave employs a unique approach that maximizes effectiveness, safety, and outcomes.

Who is a Good Candidate for Gartner-Wave Therapy?

In their 20s, men reach their sexual apex. When people reach the age of 30, their physical and frequently emotional sex capabilities start to decline. External variables such as their job and family demands, in addition to the natural impacts of aging, lead to decreased sex desire and sexual pleasure.

This treatment process is fast, simple, and painless, and it may help men achieve new levels of sexual performance. In many situations, the level of satisfaction is even higher than it was when they were younger.

What Is The Gartner-Wave Specialized Method?

G-Wave treatment is a set of non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery-free procedures performed in our New Jersey office. Your Gartner Plastic Surgery practitioner will assess your symptoms and offer the best treatment plan for you. Treatments are usually 15 to 20 minutes long which make them quick and convenient for our patients.

There are little or no adverse effects, and there is no downtime after the initial treatment. The full advantages are normally seen after a series of 6 to 12 treatments, however many men notice changes after only a few procedures. Benefits usually last up to two years for our patients.

G-Wave Treatment Process

Some patients may find this therapy to be a bit worrisome at first since it involves a highly sensitive part of the body, but we can promise you that it is a swift and easy procedure. While “shocking” your penis back to life may seem frightening, the good news is that shockwave treatment is painless!

Because it is a non-invasive method which means no surgery is required, shockwave therapy for ED is known for being a popular option among patients. This treatment allows for powerful blood flow back to the penis resulting in a strong, long-lasting erection that patients are more than happy to regain once again.

As we’ve previously stated, G-Wave stimulates the blood vessels in the penis with a pulsing sonic shockwave to improve blood flow. The technique also encourages the creation of new nerve tissue in the penis, improving sensitivity and sexual performance. As a result of this, you’ll have greater erections, sexual experiences, and relationships.

Depending on your medical history, age, and objectives, the G-Wave procedure may be paired with other male sexual health therapies that we offer at our clinic. We’ll go to great lengths to make sure you’re happy with the results of your shockwave treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of The G-Wave?


Over half of all men will have erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, with inadequate blood flow being the most prevalent reason. G-Wave treatment increases blood flow in the penis by opening existing blood vessels and forming new ones, resulting in intense and long-lasting erections.

G-Wave is the most effective therapy for ED, with more than a 75 percent success rate. G-Wave effectively resolves more than 80% of ED caused by inadequate blood flow by boosting blood flow to the penis.


G-Wave is a prominent treatment for Peyronie’s Disease, a condition that affects 5 to 10% of men. The aberrant curvature and shortening of the penis, as well as painful erections, are all signs of Parkinson’s disease. If you experience this condition, Gartner-Wave can help you regain control over your ED.


If you’re a man over 30, chances are you’re not performing as well as you were in your twenties. Stronger erections, less recovery time between orgasms, enhanced sensitivity, and a boost in confidence are among advantages of Gartner-Wave. G-Wave is an effective option for increasing overall sexual performance in the bedroom for those who are diagnosed with ED or PD.


Increased arousal is a result of increased blood flow. Better arousal results in improved sex, and in improved orgasms. This treatment may have a life-altering effect for many men, allowing them to experience new levels of physical and emotional fulfillment.


Many men discover that stimulation has become more time-consuming and effort-intensive as a result of time and wear. Still, the results aren’t as definite and rewarding as they used to be, even when they are. When the newly formed blood vessels begin to function properly after therapy, the result is increased arousal from newly sensitive tissues.


By boosting the frequency and intensity of orgasms, this therapy has the potential to unlock doors to closeness and sexual pleasure that have been closed for years for the patient. In many circumstances, it may completely eliminate erectile dysfunction; in other cases, it can only improve the condition and should only be used in combination with other forms of therapy. After undergoing a complete treatment with Gartner-Wave, many men discover that they no longer need to take their ED medication.

What To Expect From Your Treatment In New Jersey

G-Wave may set you on the way to improved sexual performance in only six to twelve 20-minute sessions. Providers around the country employ a proprietary approach to improve patient safety and outcomes, and we always ensure to follow medical criteria to ensure effectiveness for our patients. As a result, our patients have experienced firmer, stronger, and longer-lasting erections after their treatments.

What Are The Long-Term Benefits Of G-Wave Over Other ED Treatments?

  • It is a long-term enhancement treatment for ED patients
  • It is drug-free and medication-free
  • It is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure
  • It has little to no downtime after the treatment
  • It has no negative side effects
  • It is a quick treatment with each session only taking 20-30 minutes.

What Is The Total Number Of Treatments Required For Successful Results?

Normally we advise our patients to get from six to twelve sessions, depending on your objectives. To protect results and maximize performance, we also provide preventive maintenance and performance packages at our clinic.

Is This A Safe Treatment?

The procedure makes use of an FDA-approved device and is the safest way to enhance blood flow. For effective sexual performance, healthy blood flow is essential. The treatment is non-invasive and drug-free, in addition to being safe.

What Will The Treatment Feel Like? Will There Be Pain?

Men no longer have to accept unsatisfactory sex or shun personal encounters entirely. When regaining a sense of well-being is now not only attainable, but also quick and convenient thanks to G-Wave, there’s no excuse not to enjoy being your fullest sexual self. For some men, this renewed sexual wellness may seem like a welcome return to their younger years. For some men, the results from the treatment might be quite different; more orgasms, better orgasms, and orgasms that last longer. These encounters may be eye-opening on both a physical and emotional level.

Physically these treatments cause no discomfort or pain, which lets our patients relax and stay comfortable throughout the treatment.

Book Your Gartner-Wave Consultation In New Jersey

Contact our clinic personally if you want to learn more about this industry-leading ED therapy. To get started on this procedure and determine whether you’re a candidate for this type of treatment, one of our medical professionals will schedule a one-on-one consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. With our G-Wave therapy, we want to help you regain control of your ED and treat it effectively and successfully.


No guarantees of any kind unless they are money-back guarantees. No claims of permanent results. No “Miracle cures” for medical ailments.*

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