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Emslim Neo

Non-surgical Procedure

Our industry-leading fat removal and muscle strengthening therapy, EmSlim Neo, is a good approach for patients to start their fitness journey and feel great on the inside and out!

A 30-minute session of EmSlim Neo is all you need to get these incredible results. This device employs radiofrequency heating for fat removal and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy for muscle strengthening and toning, providing you with a non-invasive body contouring alternative. As a result, greater fat loss and muscle gain are achieved after just a few sessions!

EmSlim Neo Machine Technology

The electromagnetic energy employed by the EmSlim machine is very targeted towards specific elements of the body. The energy used in the device is the same as that used in MRI scanners, but instead of producing pictures of the body, the device concentrates the energy on our core muscles.

EmSlim machines are now being utilized to treat the core, which is beneficial not just at the gym and on the beach, but in many aspects of one’s life as well. A strong core helps to improve posture, which in turn helps to alleviate neck, back, and shoulder discomfort, as well as aches and pains throughout the body. These beneficial impacts will assist you in living your best life both inside and outside of the gym.

It’s vital to know that the EmSlim technology also has a fat-reducing effect. As energy is sent into the muscle, it travels through the skin and fat, causing fat to be reduced by around 20% in the affected region.

What’s The Treatment Process?

An EmSlim Neo treatment is the equivalent of around 20,000 muscle contractions in a single session– this may sound extreme but we assure you that this treatment is not only quick but also painless.

It is believed that these muscular contractions contribute to the development of new muscle mass, as seen by greater tone and muscle definition, as well as the enhancement of fat metabolism through the death of fat cells, known as lipolysis.

EmSlim Neo burns fat and tones muscles in the targeted areas without causing discomfort, downtime, or sweating it out at the gym. EmSlim Neo is ultimately a non-invasive fat-burning and muscle-toning device.

There is no downtime, though you may experience some soreness in the treated area. For example, if you were able to properly perform 500 sit ups or squats every single day, it would take you 160 days in a row to achieve the results that EmSlim Neo achieves for your body with just four 30-minute sessions.

EmSlim Neo For The Glutes

For people of any age who are searching for a non-invasive treatment for urine incontinence, for women who want to enhance the quality of their sexual life, to enhance their muscle mass or for general core tightening, this procedure is a fantastic choice to consider.

Buttock contouring may also be accomplished with this industry-leading method. Rather than using surgery to generate bigger buttocks, this device is utilized to create an attractive buttock that is extremely natural-looking. We believe that this method of buttock contouring is the most straightforward, safest, and non-surgical procedure available in cosmetic medicine today.

Important Features Of This Treatment Option

EmSlim Neo is the only process that can assist both women and men with gaining muscle while also burning fat, and it is also the world’s first non-invasive buttock lifting method to achieve these results.

It works by inducing supramaximal contractions, which forces the muscle tissue to adapt to such intense circumstances. It reacts by undergoing a thorough reorganization of its internal structure, which leads to muscular growth, tightness, toning, and fat burning.

Through the reduction of abdominal fat while concurrently strengthening the muscle foundations underneath the fat, EmSlim Neo assists patients in achieving smaller and more athletic body proportions. When EmSlim is used in the buttocks region, it gives the patient a more lifted and athletic appearance.

Because EmSlim Neo does not operate on a heating/cooling premise, there are no dangers of burns, scars, or swelling associated with its usage. Over the course of four weeks, the patient is required to attend four 30-minute therapy sessions. The most significant improvements will be evident after three months, with sustained improvement over the next six months.



Because EmSlim Neo is a fully non-invasive therapy that is entirely safe, it has become a popular alternative to surgical procedures that provide identical effects, such as buttock implants, a tummy tuck, and liposuction, among others. In only a few minutes, patients may lift and tone their abs, buttocks, thighs, and other body parts without having to go under anesthesia or spend a lengthy period recuperating from surgical procedures. In addition, patients will not have to worry about sutures or scars after the procedure. It is possible to sculpt the muscle tissue directly without damaging the skin on top of it.

Can Help With Injury Recovery And Prevention

EmSlim may assist patients in recovering from some types of injuries by strengthening muscular tissue. Furthermore, it may be used in combination with physical therapy to aid in shortening the time it takes to recuperate. Patients who have recovered from an injury might benefit from using EmSlim to jumpstart a new fitness regimen once they have healed.

Treatment Sessions That Are Brief And Results That Are Immediate

Treatments are often completed in 30 minutes or less, allowing patients to schedule visits during their lunch hour. The whole regimen of four treatments may be finished in a matter of two to three weeks, and many patients see improvements as soon as their first treatment session is over.

There Is No Recovery Time

One of the most significant advantages of EmSlim is that there is no requirement for recuperation time between treatment sessions. Following each session, patients may return to their daily activities without interruption. Another great advantage is that patients don’t need to do anything in advance of therapy to prepare for the procedure.

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Candidates For EmSlim Neo Treatments

Candidates for this type of treatment are usually patients who are physically active and have a healthy diet and lifestyle. They are looking for outcomes that will take them above their present fitness capabilities.

Downtime After The Treatment

Due to the targeted nature of the therapy, patients do not experience the full-body lactic acid buildup associated with a full-body workout, allowing for same-day activity to be performed right after the initial treatment is over.
With the complimenting benefits of EmSlim, your results at the gym will improve, and you will notice a boost in your motivation and mood.

Results From EmSlim Neo Treatments

Within minutes of receiving your first treatment, you will notice visible improvements in your abdomen and buttocks area. Peak outcomes are often recorded two to four weeks after the final session, and the patient’s condition will continue to improve for many weeks after completing the whole treatment course.
Maintaining results may be accomplished by adhering to a regular exercise regimen and participating in extra sessions every 1-2 months at our clinic.

Getting EmSlim Neo Results In A Short Amount Of Time

Many of our patients are serious about their health and fitness goals. EmSlim assists people in breaking past their own personal fitness plateaus and achieving their goals.

While it’s true that we all get trapped in ruts when it comes to our fitness program, EmSlim is a fantastic way to keep motivated by seeing results. A 30-minute session may help you gain more muscle and burn resistant fat, while also encouraging you to strive for even greater fitness objectives in the future.

Getting Your Fitness Program Started

The EmSlim treatment is also beneficial for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey. It provides many patients with the courage to take on exercise tasks that they otherwise would not have attempted because they have been able to build a strong core. After four sessions, you can gain sufficient core stability to participate in the class with confidence and enjoy the hard exercises that you’ve been wanting to try.

How Many Treatments Will There Be And How Much Will They Cost?

Treatments are recommended once every week, for a total of four weeks. That being said, some may require more treatments to fulfill their goals.

As for the cost of your treatment, since each patient is looking for specific results, our medical professionals will be able to provide you with an estimate of your cost during your consultation at our clinic.

Book Your Consultation For EmSlim Neo Treatments In New Jersey

Our team of experts are happy to answer any questions and inquiries you have regarding this industry-leading treatment option that we offer at our New Jersey clinic. Make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation to find out whether you are a candidate for this remarkable and groundbreaking treatment.


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