New Jersey Breast Reduction Surgery - How Should You Choose Your Size?

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New Jersey Breast Reduction Surgery – How Should You Choose Your Size?

Breast Reduction

When a woman decides to undergo breast reduction in New Jersey, she and her surgeon will discuss how small she wishes to go. Some women desire significant reductions in order to avoid as much interference with physical activity and clothing options as possible or simply to maximize personal comfort and ease strain on their backs. Other women may prefer minor reductions to touch up drooping or reduce friction without significantly changing their overall look. The following tips will help inform this sizable decision and promote satisfying results.

Cup Size Follies

It is difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee for a specific cup size when performing breast reduction surgery. Everyone responds differently to plastic surgery and while a surgeon can discuss likely outcomes and typical experiences, they are not able to make promises. The second reason it is a bad idea to aim for a certain cup size is that bra sizes are not standardized. One company’s C cup might be another company’s D, for instance. It is easier to create surgical targets for breast reduction in New Jersey when using concrete numbers rather than subjective undergarment sizes.

Two Main Measurements

Surgeons prefer to use direct measurements in centimeters instead of letter grades. The two main ones are the diagonal distance from the base of the neck (the “sternal notch”) to the nipple and the distance from the nipple to the base of the breast (the “inframammary fold”). Broadly speaking, the ideal distance for the notch-to-nipple measurement is 19 to 21cm (7.4 to 8.2 in.) and the recommended nipple-to-fold distance is 11 to 14cm (4.3 to 5.5 in.). At these measurements, bra straps won’t dig into the shoulder and have an easier time keeping the breast centered.

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It’s important to note that these measurements are not hard-and-fast rules. The unique nature of the patient’s body and the surgeon’s informed experience play a large role in determining how much of a size change is feasible.

Going Further

A good rule of thumb for cosmetic surgery is that the modest changes are easier than dramatic ones. This applies to breast reduction as well. The smaller a breast is made, the more tissue needs to be removed. Breasts may appear flat if a large enough reduction is performed since there may not be enough tissue left to make the breast “full”. For some women, this is not a concern since the benefits of smaller breasts will outweigh the aesthetic changes. For others, combining their New Jersey breast reduction with implants will allow them to enjoy smaller breasts while retaining their shapeliness.

No woman is “too small” for breast reduction surgery but reducing breasts that are naturally petite runs a higher risk of numbness or interference with future breastfeeding. Take time during the consultation to speak with the surgeon about the likely outcomes for different levels of reduction. Looking at before-and-after photos of past patients who underwent similar changes is an excellent way to use hard visuals as common reference points so that both patient and surgeon can be on the same page.

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