Here’s How You Can Have Minimal Scarring After Breast Reduction In New Jersey

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Here’s How You Can Have Minimal Scarring After Breast Reduction In New Jersey

Breast Reduction

Scars are an inevitable part of any cosmetic surgery and it is normal for patients to be worried about scarring when deciding whether or not to undergo a procedure. Fortunately, there are a number of factors that influence how noticeable a scar can be and many of these are well within your control. If you are worried about scarring from your New Jersey breast reduction, read on to learn the best ways to promote recovery and let your incisions heal subtly and secretly.

Choosing Your Surgeon

Smaller incisions in discrete places are the best for minimizing scars. For breast reductions, the incision is usually placed in the crease below the breast and running from the crease to the bottom of the areola. When consulting with potential surgeons, ask about the type of incision they will be using and the steps they take to reduce scarring. If you look at before-and-after pictures, use the opportunity to inspect how the scars appear or if you can see them at all.

Avoid Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes interfere with the body’s healing processes and will make it harder for the incision to mend. Abstain from both for at least two weeks before and after your New Jersey breast reduction.

Use Sunscreen

The skin around the incision will be extra-sensitive during the recovery period and sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation and irritation. Stick to the shade until your doctor gives the all-clear and wear sunscreen when venturing outdoors, even if it is overcast. Tanning should be avoided completely until the scar has finished healing.

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Eat Well

Your body works best when it is given a balanced diet and your surgical recovery is no different. Eating well and in particular minimizing salt (it can promote swelling) while healing will help reduce inflammation and increase the likelihood of minimizing your scar.

Rest At An Incline

Resting at an angle (25 to 40 degrees) until the swelling goes down will help reduce strain on the incision site and promote minimal scarring. Some women prefer to sleep in recliner chairs following their New Jersey breast reduction, while others might use special wedge pillows to prop themselves up. Others may opt for the traditional approach and support themselves with a collection of pillows instead.

Use Warm or Cool Baths

Hot water, steam, and strong streams should be kept away from the incision and your breasts in general for the first few weeks of your recovery. Avoid showers in general, warm or otherwise, for at least two days after surgery or until your doctor gives the okay. Be gentle when washing the area around the incision and be careful not to scrub or apply friction. A pat-dry method will work best.

Scar Massage

A scar massage is a specific technique that gently massages the area with the fingertips in vertical, horizontal, and then circular motions. The idea is that the massage will reduce any discomfort while improving the skin’s flexibility and promotes the growth of collagen. Scar massages can be started at the two-week mark of your recovery and should last about 10 minutes and be done no more than three times a day.

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