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Are You The Right Age For A Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction

There is no such thing as being too old or too young for breast reduction surgery. This is good since breast reduction is often the only long-term solution for the health and quality-of-life problems posed by macromastia or large breasts in general. Although it is possible to have a successful New Jersey breast reduction at any stage of life, certain age groups will have additional considerations that need to be taken into account when planning a procedure.

Breast Reduction in Adolescents

The combination of girls entering puberty earlier and the rise of childhood obesity means that more adolescents are finding themselves in need of breast reduction than ever before. Adolescence is a crucial time for both physical and emotional development. This period is difficult enough without adding in the burden of DDD or even K breasts. Not only can large breasts make a teenager the target of unwanted attention but the physical challenges can limit the activities a teen can participate in and in extreme cases be an effective disability.

In addition to the normal considerations that come with evaluating a candidate for cosmetic surgery, adolescents seeking breast reduction in New Jersey need to be aware of two things. The first is that their bodies may not have finished growing yet. This means there is a possibility their breasts will continue to grow after the surgery and that a revision procedure may be required after a few years. Depending on how much of a problem a young woman’s breasts are posing, it may be advisable to wait until growth has completely finished, usually around age 22, before undergoing reduction. Alternatively, some women may find that a possible future revision is a worthy trade-off for immediate relief.

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The second consideration that adolescents being considered for breast reduction need to keep in mind is that the procedure will affect their ability to breastfeed. This is something that women of any age pre-menstrual age need to be aware of but adolescents in particular may not be able to fully predict where life will take them or how their values may change as they get older. A balance may need to be struck between what an adolescent may desire in the future and the benefits they are seeking in the present.

Breast Reduction in Older Women

Women seek to undergo breast reduction later in life for many possible reasons. It could be that their struggles with large breasts are only recent developments brought on by hormone changes during menopause or shifts in weight. They may have lived with large breasts for most of their life and only recently decided that they have had enough of back pain, rashes, or other quality-of-life and health difficulties. Some women may simply wish to recapture the look of perky, uplifted breasts to counter the effects of aging.

Compared to adolescents, older women undergoing breast reduction in New Jersey have fewer extra considerations they need to keep in mind. The main one is that the inherent risks of surgery, while still low, will be higher for them than for younger patients. The good news is that the same steps that promote successful outcomes and improve the recovery period will also help reduce the likelihood of side effects even further. Talk to your surgeon to get a more specific breakdown of what steps can be taken to promote optimal results.

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