6 Important Ways Your Life Can Change After A Breast Reduction In New Jersey

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6 Important Ways Your Life Can Change After A Breast Reduction In New Jersey

Breast Reduction

Plastic surgery often seems life changing but few procedures feel as revolutionary as a breast reduction in New Jersey. Women with large breasts face challenges to their health and quality-of-life that other people rarely face or think about. Activities that many take for granted, such as shopping for clothes or going for a morning jog, can become arduous in and of themselves when combined with the literal and metaphorical burden of large breasts. Here are just a few of the ways women see their world open up after undergoing breast reduction.

Exercise & Activity Become Easier

Large breasts place strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. This can make it painful to walk or jog for longer periods let alone participate in sports. The physical size can also interfere with mobility and make certain exercises or activities impractical or embarrassing. Sports bras do exist but they rarely support large breasts well and in some cases can even exaggerate the strain on the neck and back. It is not uncommon to see women embrace their new physical freedom after a New Jersey breast reduction and show a marked increase in their activity levels.

Bras Are More Accessible & Affordable

Bras are made with typical sizes in mind. Women who fall outside the average are often overlooked by manufacturers and frequently struggle to find bras that can properly support their chests. It is not uncommon for custom sizes to become the main option. Unfortunately, custom sizes are harder to find, more expensive, and don’t always offer much in the way of styles. These obstacles become a thing of the past following breast reduction.

No More Shoulder Grooves

When a bra can’t support the weight of a woman’s breasts, that weight ends up resting on the upper shoulder. This causes the bra straps to dig into the skin and over time will create deep grooves or indentations. The straps can even dig in enough to compress the nerves that run through the arm. A common sign of this is if your little finger goes numb or develops pins and needles. Undergoing a breast reduction makes it easier for bras to support your breasts, eases the weight on the shoulder, and puts a stop to the nerve-squashing, skin-ruining grooves.

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Clothes Shopping Can Be Fun

It is not uncommon for women with large breasts to have smaller lower bodies. This disproportionate division means it can be difficult to impossible to find clothes that fit well without requiring alterations. Certain items of clothing, such as button-down shirts, backless dresses, or one-piece swimsuits, may end up off-limits entirely. Breast reduction can bring a woman’s body into more reasonable proportions and turn the formerly stressful process of finding clothes into a more enjoyable and free occasion.

Stand Up Straight

Large, heavy breasts place a lot of weight on the front of the body. This weight translates to pressure and pain so it’s not uncommon for women with large breasts to develop a hunched posture as they consciously or unconsciously try to minimize the effect. Being able to simply stand comfortably in line at the grocery store is something most people take for granted but can be a genuinely new experience for women following a New Jersey breast reduction.

Feel More Confident

It is an unfortunate reality that there is a great deal of focus and assumptions attached to large breasts. Women who are constantly defined by their chests often suffer reduced self-esteem, focus clothing choices on covering up or minimizing their breasts, and may even avoid public gatherings or going out in general to avoid unwanted attention. A reduction can empower a woman with the knowledge that her breasts are no longer the center of attention and free her to be more confident and outgoing.

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