Most Popular Sizes of Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation in NYC

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What Are the Most Popular Sizes of Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation in NYC?

Breast Augmentation NYC


Before undergoing breast augmentation in NYC, one of the top questions people ask is, what size implants are most popular? When choosing the most suitable breast implant size for you, it makes sense to ask about what “most people” choose; however, a deeper understanding of breast implant measurements may help you realize there’s no one-size-fits-all. The best implant for you will come down to careful consideration of the following factors:

Breast augmentation- NYC implant types

When it comes to the type of implant, there certainly is a leading choice that most patients in New York choose. Silicone cohesive gel implants are the newest generation of natural-feeling, FDA approved breast implant devices. Their contents are gummy-like, and they are built to be incredibly resilient while resisting rippling. Saline implants also feature a strong, silicone shell and they can be inserted through smaller incisions, but nothing feels as real as silicone gel implants.

Consider breast implant profile

Did you know that the same implant volume will look different, depending on the profile? That’s why choosing your implants based on a number is not nearly specific or personalized enough. You could opt for a low, moderate or full look, and the corresponding implants would project farther from your chest wall with a rounder look depending on the profile.

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Implant volume

Perhaps you’ve heard of volume numbers related to breast augmentation before and after photos. Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (CCs) and will range from 200cc to 800cc. Because there are variables, including implant width, the size of your ribcage or existing breast tissue, it’s not possible to determine a cup size related to CCs.

During your consultation, Dr. Gartner will provide you with implant sizers so you can try them on in a bra and get an idea of how they’ll look and feel on your frame. Each patient will be provided with a range of sizes to consider based on their goals and chest measurements. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the volume that you feel the most comfortable with. On average, most patients choose sizes between 300 – 500 CCs.

Have you considered placement and breast tissue?

Women don’t all start at ground zero with a flat chest before breast implants. Each patient has some fat and breast tissue, ranging from very little to perhaps a few cup sizes. Your chosen breast implants will add volume to what you have. Additionally, the placement you and your surgeon choose may affect how big (or small) the implants appear. Partway under the muscle, implants may appear slightly compressed and smaller. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss all these factors with your plastic surgeon, and they’ll give you expert advice and feedback based on your desired look and your body.

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