The Best Ways To Sleep After Your Breast Augmentation in NYC

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The Best Ways To Sleep After Your Breast Augmentation in NYC

Breast Augmentation


Following breast augmentation in NYC, the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center walks clients through every step of recovery. One of the top questions during the first few weeks following breast enhancement is; how can patients sleep comfortably? It turns out, the best position to rest in after BA, is also the most comfortable in most cases. We’ll share some tips to help you heal smoothly and sleep soundly after your procedure.

The first week after breast augmentation in NYC

This popular cosmetic surgery isn’t considered to be very painful; however, sensations are often heightened at night. For the first two or three days after your surgery, your chest tissue will feel numb due to long-acting anaesthetic. You’ll also have pain medication prescribed for you. It’s recommended that you take the medication as directed, especially at night, and don’t wait until your discomfort becomes intense.

If you’re advised to wear a soft post-surgical support bra, keep it on day and night. It will help minimize swelling and decrease breast movement, which contributes to discomfort at night. Elevate the head of your bed. Usually, 30-45 degrees is ideal. You can build up support with firm pillows or elevate the top of the mattress. (Ask someone to help you do this heavy lifting.)

When you rest and sleep with your chest slightly elevated, it will decrease your swelling faster and take some pressure off the breasts. If you lay flat during the night, you may wake to feel stiffer and more swollen due to gravity’s effects on your chest. Some people find it helpful to place pillows under their knees and pillows alongside them to create a supportive nest.

Side sleeping

Although it’s best to keep your chest a little elevated through the first week, side sleeping may be the most comfortable for you and is permitted. You may find you wake to switch sides throughout the night. Use pillows to lift your arms off your breasts.

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Back sleeping

This position is best after breast augmentation in NYC. It keeps all pressure off the breasts, yet many people find it difficult to sleep through the night in this position. You can try getting into the habit months ahead of time by positioning cushions beside you or fastening a tennis ball to the back of a T-shirt. If you roll over onto your front unintentionally after surgery, don’t worry. It’s unlikely to do severe damage, but is likely to hurt and ruin your beauty sleep.

Sleep in a recliner

Sleeping while nearly sitting works for some people. If you have a comfy reclining chair, try positioning yourself with an airplane cushion around your neck. Recliners assist with repositioning, which is very handy after a breast augmentation. You’ll need to limit the use of your arms, so pulling yourself to an upright position isn’t advised for the first two weeks.

Can you sleep on your front?

Technically yes, but your surgeon will advise against it for roughly 4 – 6 weeks. Until your breast tissue has healed around the implants, your risk of bleeding or altering position makes direct pressure ill-advised. More than the risk of damage, pressure on your breasts while healing will likely hurt and may prolong swelling. If you wish to heal quickly and enjoy your new breasts sooner, it’s best to do everything you can to reduce inflammation and get as much quality rest as possible.


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