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How Much Does a Breast Augmentation in NYC cost?

Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation in NYC- calculating the quote

Your cost for breast augmentation in NYC may differ from other parts of the country. As well, the practitioner and type of implants chosen affect the price. How much should your augmentation cost, and is it a worthwhile investment? We’ll cover what breast augmentation quotes generally include and how to ensure you get your money’s worth. There are numerous factors calculated in the average surgical quote for breast implants. These may include:

Geographic costs– The city and neighborhood of your chosen practice will affect overhead costs passed on to the patient.

Plastic surgeon certification and experience– An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will generally have higher fees, but they are considered to be well worth it as they help reduce the risk of complications or unsatisfying results. Breast augmentation in NYC with a leading, reputable surgeon means you’re less likely to need costly, repeat procedures.

Advanced specialization– Complex breast surgery such as revision work or breast reconstruction will often demand higher costs because of the advanced training the surgeon has. These procedures are often challenging, and those who perform them well are in higher depend. If you need a more complicated procedure, it will be worth the additional cost to partner with an expert.

Consultation– Breast augmentation consultation fees are usually deducted from the price of surgery once booked. Whether your meeting is free, or if there’s a nominal cost for the surgeon’s time, scheduling at least a couple of these appointments is worth your time. You’ll be able to receive personalized feedback, important medical information, and to learn all about the surgeon’s approach to this procedure. During consultation, you can ask about the different materials, shapes, and volumes of breast implant. You’ll hear about pros and cons, and after an exam, learn whether this is an ideal choice for you.

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Private accredited surgical center– Depending on where you live, undergoing breast augmentation at a private accredited facility rather than hospital can save you money. It’s essential to verify the safety standards and approval of the center for high standards. Many people prefer the extra personal care and discretion enjoyed at a private plastic surgery facility.

Anesthesia– General anesthesia requires a certified anesthetist to administer, and the medications can be costly. Some surgeries require the use of GA, but breast augmentation isn’t one of them. Dr. Michael Gartner regularly performs the Awake Breast Augmentation in NYC which keeps patients safe and comfortable, while reducing many of the unpleasant effects from GA. The price of IV sedation and local anesthetic is lower, and the recovery time can be comparatively faster.

Medical insurance– Breast augmentation is typically an elective cosmetic procedure, meaning health insurance will not cover it. There are cases where reconstruction, such as after mastectomy, does fall under the “medically necessary” category.

Breast implant type– Silicone cohesive gel implants generally cost more than saline. Dr. Michael Gartner is a body shaping specialist in NYC and New Jersey. He offers a variety of the best breast implant options on the market and is double board certified. His experience and glowing results make him a top choice for breast augmentations. Call today for your consultation to learn how a BA could reshape your figure and your life.


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