What To Expect After Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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What To Expect After Your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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Looking forward to fuller and shapelier breasts while you await your breast augmentation in New Jersey is an exciting time for many. The vast majority of patients are thrilled with their results and feel beautifully proportioned after their surgery. It’s important to set realistic expectations for your recovery and to understand how your breast implants will change over time so that you can remain confident through your recovery period and ensure you take the right measures to maintain results you love.

Immediately After Surgery

Following your New Jersey breast augmentation, the initial appearance of your breasts is not at all indicative of the final result. Depending on whether your implants were placed under or over your chest muscle, your breasts may appear larger or smaller than you anticipated, and their shape may be unexpected as well. You will have some swelling from the surgery, and the chest muscles will show some inflammation as well. This means fresh implants often appear flat, with the lower portion of the breasts lacking fullness, and your nipples may be pointing downward. All of this will correct over time as your body heals and adjusts to the placement of the implants.

When you return home post-procedure, your breasts will be covered with an ace wrap, and you’ll want to take it very easy for the first few days, especially considering the use of your arms. The arm muscles and chest muscles are interconnected, and you’ll feel unnecessary soreness if you do quick, jerky movements or lifting with the arms. You can expect to feel some soreness and tenderness. Patients who opted for local rather than general anesthesia will often have a faster recovery because they don’ need to content with the groggy or dizzy effects of general anesthetic.

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First Week After Surgery

Swelling will continue to subside, and tenderness will reduce as the body heals. On the day after your New Jersey breast augmentation, you can remove the ace wrap from your breasts and take a shower. Keeping your incisions clean is important to reduce the risk of infection, but be sure to wash only with mild soap, and do not rub your incisions. After washing, gently pat your breasts dry. Unlike many other surgeons, Dr. Gartner places implants without lowering the inframammary fold, which allows natural ligaments that support the breast to remain in place and prevent implants from bottoming out. It will not be necessary for you to wear an uncomfortable compression garment or bra, since there is no concern about the breasts dropping too low. After six or seven days, many patients’ incisions are sufficiently healed to begin massaging their breast implants. The sensation of tightness in this stage is largely due to the pressure of the implant lifting up muscle or natural breast tissue, and this will ease as your tissues relax to accommodate the implant.

From Two Weeks Onward

Depending on how quickly your implants settle, you will be advised to begin wearing a bra again after two to four weeks. Prior to wearing a bra, if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your nipples through your clothing, you can wear silicone disc pasties. Activities such as exercise that may raise your heart rate or your blood pressure are not recommended for at least 6 weeks. Dr. Gartner can provide specific advice for you based on your physical condition and the type of activities you have in mind. For the first 3-6 months, your breasts will continue to change as your implants gradually settle into their correct position and your natural tissue expands to accommodate them.

For some patients, complete recovery from surgery and implant settling can take even longer. You will have some scarring at the site of your incisions, but with proper care and protection, many patients find that their scars heal very well and can become nearly invisible. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Gartner’s instructions for the best results and get ready to enjoy your new shape.

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