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Tips To Get Ready For Your New Jersey Breast Augmentation

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Once you have decided to have a Breast Augmentation in New Jersey, it is important to take certain steps to ensure you are ready for the surgery.

During the recovery period following the procedure, you will be unable to comfortably do certain things you are used to around the house. For instance, it is likely you won’t be raising your arms over your head for the first few days. Therefore, a helpful step you can take to get ready is to pull down items you use most regularly from high up spaces so that they are comfortably accessible. For the same reason, stocking up on shirts that are easy to put on, with buttons or zips rather than overhead, is also a good idea.

Tackling chores such as laundry, sweeping and dishes prior to the surgery is also advisable. Especially since better healing typically takes space in a serene and low stress space.

Since driving and walking are also off limits for the first few days following the procedure, it is important to make prior arrangement for childcare as well as care for your pets.

Setting up a ‘post-op’ recovery station can also help make the healing process smoother. Stocking your bedside table with everyday essentials such as tissues, wipes, cell phone, chargers, remote control can help to limit your movements and allow the body to heal restfully. Furthermore, since cooking will be difficult for the first few days, stocking up on easy to prepare foods, or freezing dishes ahead of time can also be helpful.

Since it is recommended to keep upright at a 45-degree angle to reduce swelling and bruising, it may be helpful to stock up on pillows or purchase a ‘wedge’ pillow so that you are comfortable.

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Once you have got the green light to shower from your plastic surgeon, using a gentle shea or cocoa butter based lotion can be soothing to use following a shower as post-op skin often gets dry and flaky.

Following your New Jersey Breast Augmentation, the combination of post-op medications and limited movement can often cause constipation. Stocking up on items such as peach or prune juice as well as avoiding binding foods like bananas and rice can help to keep things moving. An over the counter laxative or stool softener can also help to alleviate discomfort.

Another important item to stock up on before the procedure is ice packs. Using an ice pack directly after the surgery is an effective means to reduce pain and swelling.

When it comes to a Breast Augmentation in New Jersey, Dr. Gartner is one of the few plastic surgeons in the field, with double board certification. He has refined his surgical techniques to the extent that patients do not have to deal with lengthy and uncomfortable recovery periods.

Well known as an extremely thorough and meticulous surgeon, Dr. Gartner and his staff provide each patient with detailed instructions to make their recovery period as comfortable as possible.

At the Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, providing the utmost level of care to patients is a top priority making it the top choice when it comes to Breast Augmentation in New Jersey.

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