The Do’s and Don’ts before your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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The Do’s and Don’ts before your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey

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When you’re finally ready to select your plastic surgeon and book your breast augmentation in New Jersey, you’ll likely be both excited and nervous. Most people feel a little pre-procedure anxiety, but you can reduce stress and make sure you feel ready through planning ahead and knowing what to expect. This helpful guide should mirror what your surgeon tells you. Of course, you will be given detailed instructions to follow and should have your surgeon’s contact information in case of any questions that arise, but these tips will remind you about the do’s and don’ts that apply for most BA’s.

Before You Schedule Surgery, Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

If you’re past this point- don’t worry, before the big day, it’s never too late to ask questions. But we do suggest that the best time to ask important questions is during or after your consultation. You can ask where the procedure will take place, what protocols for post operative appointments your clinic has, what medications or additional expenses you will need to plan for, etc. All these important questions can be asked of your surgeon before you even schedule the surgery so that you feel confident that you’ll be well- taken care of.

Don’t do this in the weeks before your New Jersey breast augmentation

Are you a smoker? Do you drink alcohol regularly? Your plastic surgeon will likely have asked you to avoid or reduce these. Your body will reveal significant amounts of alcohol in your system, making you bleed and bruise more easily. As well, nicotine impairs blood flow by constricting blood vessels,and this can lead to slow healing or other post-operative complications. Not all surgeons in New Jersey ask breast augmentation patients to stop smoking because BA incisions are small, butit’s best to stop two weeks priorif possible andmaintain for optimal results.

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Don’t do this the night before

Don’t eat or drink after midnight. This is key for all surgery that requires general anesthesia,and that’s because when your body is put to sleep, food and drink in the stomach could back up, creating a choking hazard. Remove snacks and drinks from your bedside to prevent accidentally grabbing something out of habit.

Do this the night before your procedure

Do set your alarm. Depending on when your procedure time is, you’ll be asked to show up a while before and you may not know exactly how long it takes to get to your destination. Pack a small bag with a change of clothes the night before, set the alarm extra early and give yourself lots of time. Do have a friend or other helper to drive you home and stay with you while you recover the first day. You won’t be bedridden or completely incapacitated,but you may feel a little queasy or dizzy and need help moving about, making meals and keeping track of medications. You definitely cannot drive for at least a few days.

Do think about something else! Believe it or not, thinking about your upcoming procedure too much right before can make you second guess your implant choice. It’s best to trust your decisions, prepare as directed, then ensure that you’re pleasantly distracted and get a good sleep.

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