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New Jersey Breast Augmentation With A Lift

Breast Augmentation Lift

Over time, as a result of factors like genetics, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging, breasts can begin to lose volume and shape. As a result, many women begin to notice their breasts sagging or drooping, as their skin loses its elasticity. Understandably, these changes often negatively impact a woman’s self-esteem and leave many women searching for solutions, such as a breast augmentation, which can be used to restore fullness to the breasts. Breast implants fill out the tissue but when sagging is a concern, often a breast augmentation with a lift is the ideal combination.

Benefits Of A Breast Lift

A breast lift is often a suitable procedure for women who are bothered by sagging or drooping breasts because it can:

  1. Eliminate excess loose skin
  2. Lift the breasts to return them to a more youthful position
  3. Reposition the nipples
  4. Restore the breast’s perkiness and firmness

Although a breast lift can reshape the breasts, women who are troubled by significant volume loss will achieve the best results when their lift is combined with a breast augmentation as a breast implant will fill out the scooped in or deflated upper breast and add a little more perkiness.

Benefits Of A Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is an ideal procedure for individuals who are looking to restore fullness to their chest. Saline or silicone breast implants can be used to help patients:

  1. Alter the size and shape of their breasts
  2. Correct breast asymmetry
  3. Achieve a more proportionate body contour
  4. Boost their self-esteem and self-image

However, on its own, a breast augmentation cannot address skin laxity caused by aging, weight loss or pregnancy. If the nipple position has lowered over time, a breast lift may be the ideal option to reposition them.

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Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed at our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility.

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Breast Augmentation With A Breast Lift

When a breast lift and breast augmentation are combined, patients can achieve fuller breasts while also mitigating the impact of pregnancy, weight loss, aging, or breastfeeding. When performed together, this procedure can:

  1. Add volume to the breasts
  2. Correct breast asymmetry
  3. Raise a descended nipple
  4. Reduce the size of the areola
  5. Completely rejuvenate the breasts, restoring a more youthful appearance

Which Procedure Is Right For Me?

Before deciding which procedure or combination of procedures is right for you, we recommend that you consider your motivation for the procedure. If your primary cosmetic concern is sagging, a breast lift may be sufficient to achieve your goals.

However, if in addition to sagging, you are troubled by a loss of volume in your breasts, a combination breast augmentation and breast lift may be the best option for you. A breast lift can also be combined with a fat transfer breast augmentation– an autologous procedure which utilizes your own fat to add volume to the breasts.

The best way to determine which procedure or combination of procedures is right for you, is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gartner, a renowned plastic surgeon in New Jersey with extensive experience performing breast augmentation procedures. Contact our clinic today to start your exciting transformation and get ready to look and feel your best.

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