New Jersey Breast Augmentation Provides Numerous Benefits

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation Provides Numerous Benefits

Breast Augmentation Lift

When thinking about the benefits of breast augmentation, our minds will naturally jump to a single outcome: larger size. While it is true that breast augmentation in New Jersey can offer an increased breast size, this is far from the only change possible. There are, in fact, numerous different benefits obtainable from breast augmentation that can appeal to a variety of women.

Provide Symmetry

The breasts are never 100% identical and will inevitably have slightly different sizes and shapes than their partner. For some women, this difference is more than “slight” and becomes a source of self-consciousness–not to mention difficulty when shopping for clothing.

Balancing out uneven breasts is just one reason women in New Jersey seek breast augmentation. By adjusting the breasts to be more in-line with one another, harmony is restored to a woman’s profile and they can better enjoy their appearance and experience less frustration when trying to find garments that comfortably fit.

Post-Pregnancy Restoration

The breasts will naturally begin to sag and lose volume following pregnancy due to the changes the body goes through during this process–more so if the woman chooses to breastfeed. This can lead to a “deflated” appearance that persists even after a child is weaned.

Breast augmentation, specifically the set of services colloquially called a Mommy Makeover, specifically responds to these changes by restoring the breasts’ volume and shape.

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Size Reduction

Although not always taken seriously as a problem, large breasts can be a source of trouble for some women. Breasts that are too large and/or heavy can cause discomfort in the neck or back, require bras that cut into your shoulders, and be a source of recurrent irritation or inflammation as there isn’t enough room for the skin to breathe. Breast augmentation can reduce the size of breasts to a more comfortable and convenient level that is less burdensome on day-to-day life.

Adjust An Earlier Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not a permanent procedure and it is possible to later go back and make alterations to earlier procedures. The exact reason people choose to get revisions for breast augmentation in New Jersey will vary but typically include changing the size of an implant, swapping one type of implant for another (saline to gel for example), and repairing, replacing, or removing an implant. Although not everyone will make use of this type of augmentation, the knowledge that changes are possible in the future is a good source of security.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Feeling dissatisfied with one’s appearance can decrease overall self-esteem and confidence. Although breast augmentation should never be seen as a “cure” for low self-esteem or other life problems, it can be a useful procedure for people who wish they could show themselves off more but don’t feel able to do so. Remember that breast augmentation isn’t just about increasing size–women who feel embarrassment from asymmetrical breasts or who are dismayed at the lingering physical effects of pregnancy can also enjoy increased self-esteem from augmentation.

Doctor Michael Gartner is a certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is renowned as an innovator in aesthetic plastic surgery. He takes a creative, artistic approach to his work and believes in harnessing a person’s inner beauty as he expertly provides for the wishes and needs of his patients.

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