New Jersey Breast Augmentation - Do You Want To Appear Natural?

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation – Do You Want To Appear Natural?

Breast Augmentation Lift

One of the chief desires women have when seeking breast augmentation is that they want their enhancement to be noticeable, but not look artificial. The goal is to have breasts that are fuller, more flattering, and also complimentary to a woman’s natural appearance. The aim is, in a sense, to look like a more blossomed version of yourself. Balancing the size, shape, texture, and volume of implants is an important part of a New Jersey breast augmentation and is essential for achieving effective, natural looking enhancement.

What “Looking Natural” Means

A breast augmentation appears natural when the result is shaped in proportion to the rest of the body. This balance allows the enhanced size to be seen without being obvious. Factors that affect ideal proportion and shape of the breasts include a gentle slope towards the nipple, maintaining a teardrop shape, and that the cleavage is not exaggerated.

Implant Material

Most implants used for breast augmentation in New Jersey are filled with silicone gel, cohesive gel, or saline. Silicone gel implants are quite mushy, which is good since it means they can move and feel like normal breast tissue. Cohesive gel is a type of silicone that sticks to itself, kind of like how a gummy bear won’t “spill” its interior if you cut one in half.

Since the gel is good at holding its own shape, cohesive implants can be molded into teardrop shapes rather than the round disk used by other types. The flip side to this stickiness is that cohesive gel does not move the same way as silicone and can betray a natural appearance when moving or if touched. Saline implants tend to be easier to identify visually on smaller women than the other two but are more affordable and can be harder to spot if a woman already has a fair amount of existing breast tissue.

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Speaking broadly, silicone implants appear most natural when moving or touched, cohesive gel implants look most natural when not doing any major activities, and saline trades some of that natural appearance in smaller women for being the most cost-effective of the three.

Implant Pocket

The implant pocket is the space the implant will occupy in your body. The size of the pocket should be tailored to match the implant as closely as possible in order to maintain a natural appearance. If the implant is not given enough room to move around, it can bunch up and stop looking smooth. If the pocket is too large, however, the implant can “float” and tends to drift upwards towards the collarbone.

Although the size of the pocket is usually a matter of surgical technique, its placement is not. Most surgeons nowadays prefer to place the implant pocket under the breast muscle. This promotes a draped or sloping look that appears more natural, particularly in women with smaller amounts of breast tissue. The downside is that if the breast ever begins to droop lower with age, the implant may stay in its higher position and create an obvious deformity. Placing the implant pocket in the same space as the breast tissue will allow the implant and the breast to migrate together over time.

There is no right or wrong choice for where an implant pocket is placed and body type, amount of breast tissue, how active the woman’s lifestyle is, and the surgeon’s professional experience will all factor into the final decision of how the implant is placed.

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