New Jersey Breast Augmentation Can Have Surprising Health Benefits

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Will A Breast Lift Procedure Involve Scarring?

Breast Augmentation Lift

Breast augmentation is first and foremost about enhancing the shape and appearance of a woman’s breasts. Over the years, however, various studies and conversations have suggested that the improvements a New Jersey breast augmentation can offer extend beyond aesthetics. Breast augmentation does more than change outward appearance–it can bestow very real inward improvements as well.

Enhanced Confidence

Women seek breast enhancement so that they can feel better about a specific part of their body. However, it is impossible to fully separate how we feel about parts of ourselves from how we feel about our entire being. The improved confidence that a New Jersey breast augmentation can bring stems from many possible sources.

For instance, not feeling concerned about their breasts allow a woman to feel more at peace with themselves and act with stronger confidence and esteem. If the augmentation was sought to correct pronounced asymmetries in breast size or clinical underdevelopment, then the outcome can revolutionize a woman’s body image. Don’t forget that the mere act of taking steps towards self-improvement is empowering and the process of taking ownership of one’s body is an assertive and empowering gesture.

Better Posture

One of the extra benefits of breast augmentation that few people stop to consider is the impact it can have on a woman’s posture. For the record (and to deter any jokes), the actual weight of the implants is irrelevant as far as a woman’s posture is concerned. What is relevant is perception. Women who are self-conscious about their breasts have been known to slouch or stoop to minimize their visual impact.

This not only plays into how a woman presents herself but persistently poor posture can lead to strains and raise the risk of musculoskeletal issues later in life. Breast augmentation can enhance a woman’s confidence, self-esteem, and by extension the way they hold themselves as they go through life. Stronger posture is just one of many ways this new confidence and comfort projects itself.

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Enhanced Cancer Detection

There are two reasons why breast augmentation can help women with cancer detection. The first is that implants, when placed below the muscle, push the normal tissue closer to the surface of the skin. This makes it easier to find lumps that form in what would normally have been deeper parts of the tissue.

The second benefit is that women who have undergone New Jersey breast augmentation tend to be more active when it comes to inspecting their breasts. Although this is done mainly to check the status of the implants, it has the extra benefit of making the women more likely to notice lumps earlier than their counterparts.

Bullet Deflection

This point is definitely stretching the definition of “health benefit” but the story is too amazing to leave out. Back in 2012, TIME reported that a woman cited her breast implant as the reason she survived being shot by an ex-boyfriend. Due to this and other, similar reports, some scientists actually looked into the matter and published their results in the Journal of Forensic Science. Basically, the researchers found that bullets fired through an implant slowed significantly and penetrated almost 10 fewer centimetres (roughly four inches) into their model.

Doctor Michael Gartner is one of the few surgeons in the United States to hold Double Board Certification with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is considered an innovator in his field and has refined his technique to be less invasive and allow patients to enjoy a more comfortable recovery.

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