New Jersey Breast Augmentation And The New, Mini Boob Job

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation And The New, Mini Boob Job

Breast Augmentation Lift

When people hear the terms “breast augmentation,” or “boob job”, they may think of overly large, obvious breasts and deep cleavage. While celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Victoria Beckham made large breast implants popular in the 90s, trends in breast augmentation have changed drastically over the years. In fact, more women are now opting for much smaller, more natural-looking breast implants and both Anderson and Beckham have elected to reduce the size of their chests. As a result, the new “mini” boob job is one of the most popular trends in New Jersey breast augmentation.

What Is A “Mini” Boob Job?

While traditionally, women undergoing a breast augmentation hoped to increase their chest by at least two cup sizes, a mini boob job is a procedure designed to subtly enhance the chest, adding just one cup size or simply adding enough volume to make the breasts appear rounder and fuller.

Women interested in a mini breast augmentation typically request implants that are 150 cc to 250 cc, rather than breast implants in the 350 cc to 600 cc range. As a result, the outcome is much more natural in appearance and often difficult to detect. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba are believed to have undergone subtle mini breast augmentations, yielding incredibly natural results.

Are You A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed at our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility.

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Advantages Of Smaller Breast Implants

Although they do not deliver dramatic results, there are many advantages to smaller breast implants, which makes them a popular choice for many women today.

  1. They achieve a more conservative look.
  2. They do not make the patient appear heavier than they are.
  3. They do not hinder the patient’s ability to work out.
  4. Unlike larger implants, small breast implants do not stretch the skin significantly and are therefore less likely to sag overtime.
  5. They are not as prone to show rippling.
  6. They tend to appear much more natural in shape, particularly if a tear drop shaped breast implant is used as it has a diameter that suits the patient’s chest and will not result in an overly rounded look.
  7. They tend to feel more natural as they do not put pressure on the overlying breast tissue which means that more of the natural breast tissue is used to conceal the small implant. Cohesive gel implants placed under the muscle tend to look and feel the most natural.
  8. The incisions required for smaller breast implants are smaller as well, particularly when saline implants are used, as they can be filled during the procedure.
  9. Less internal work is required to create a pocket for a small breast implant, which means less tissue trauma and therefore, a lower risk of complications when undergoing a mini breast augmentation.
  10. There is a reduced risk of long term side effects such as back and shoulder pain, poor posture, drooping, as the small implant will not place as much weight on the breast as a large implant would.

To learn more about this procedure and determine your eligibility for a mini breast augmentation in New Jersey, please contact our clinic today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gartner.

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