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How To Plan For Your New Jersey Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Lift

As with any surgery, planning for a breast augmentation is an important part of the pre-operative process. When it comes to your Breast Augmentation in New Jersey, it is important to discuss a realistic recovery plan with your plastic surgeon, so that you can make necessary arrangements prior to the procedure.

One key step of the planning process is pre-operative testing. Particularly for patients who are 35 or older, it is standard process to have a mammogram before a Breast Augmentation procedure. Getting this done as early as possible is best as it is extremely common for slight abnormalities to show up, which then require additional testing and mammograms to investigate. Even though most of these tests result in an all clear for the surgery, they often take time to schedule and to obtain results, therefore, the earlier the better

For those who are 50 or older, or have medical problems, other lab tests or an EKG may also be needed prior to undergoing the procedure.

Making the necessary arrangements for childcare, time off from work, as well as assistance with house chores and pets are all important steps to take when planning your New Jersey Breast Augmentation. Having a support system in place who can help out with these activities for the first few days of your recovery is important so that you are able to heal comfortably.

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Making small changes in your home prior to the procedure can also help make recovery smoother. Most surgeons advise that you should avoid lifting your arms over your head for the first few days following the procedure. Since lifting your arms will be quite painful, it is helpful to keep items that you use the most on lower shelves so that they are easily accessible.

Planning ahead for meals by pre-cooking and freezing or stocking up on easy to prepare meals is also a good idea. Since it is usually advised to recline at a 45 degree angle for the first few days, stocking up on some fluffy pillows may also be a good idea.

Since you will likely be quite exhausted and uncomfortable right after the surgery, it is a good idea to fill your prescriptions beforehand so that you are able to go straight home once you are discharged from the clinic. Since you will be unable to drive, make sure that friends or family are waiting to drive you home once you are able to leave.

Equally important is to be prepared that optimal results will not be immediately visible. Following a Breast Augmentation in New Jersey, swelling typically peaks around day 3-5. This is normal and expected and should subside significantly over the course of the first week at home.

When it comes to a New Jersey Breast Augmentation, Dr. Gartner is well known as one an industry leader with years of expertise performing all types of Breast Augmentations. During an initial consultation, Dr. Gartner provides patients with comprehensive information about what to expect and how to prepare for their surgery. Furthermore, using cutting edge and minimally invasive techniques, his patients are able to enjoy a smooth recovery period with minimal discomfort.

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