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Breast Augmentation In New Jersey – The Safest Way To Get Permanent Results

Breast Augmentation Lift

Breast augmentation is the most common kind of cosmetic surgery performed on women in the United States. This is because, although multiple methods exist for enhancing breasts, breast augmentation remains the safest and longest lasting way to achieve results. This fact is consistent regardless of which tools and treatments you compare: nothing beats New Jersey breast augmentation when seeking safe, lifelong breast enhancement.

Duration Of Breast Augmentation Effects

When getting any type of cosmetic procedure it is natural to want to know how long the effects will last. Breast augmentation uses implants and their effects will last as long as the implants do. Most breast implants are designed to last for decades, which puts New Jersey breast augmentation in the double-digit range as far as duration is concerned.

There is some folk wisdom floating around saying that implants need to be replaced every ten years but this is not strictly true. If an implant is not causing problems or showing signs of damage then it can be left alone without fear. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with getting an implant checked on every seven-to-twelve years or so if you’re feeling prudent.

Breast Implant Safety

Breast implants are made of silicone and are filled with either saline (a salt-water solution) or silicone gel. The latter type is actually one of the most studied medical devices in US history. In the 80’s and 90’s, silicone gel implants were suspected of connections to various autoimmune disorders like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis but the FDA has since found no evidence to support these claims. These concerns only applied to silicone gel implants. Saline implants have never been associated with immune disorders of any kind.

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Comparison To Alternatives

It is one thing to claim that New Jersey breast augmentation provides the best combination of longevity and safety, but it is another to actually show it. The following set of alternatives to breast augmentation will show exactly how other options stack up.

Botox Breast Lift

Botox is normally associated with facial treatments but it can be used on chest muscles to enhance the lift of the breasts. Breast Botox has the same safety profile as any other type of Botox (which is good) but it also shares the same duration of about three-to-four months.

Fat Grafting

Fat can be taken from elsewhere in the body and injected into the breasts to enhance shape and appearance. When done properly, fat grafting is permanent. The key word here is “properly” since the process is extremely demanding of a surgeon’s skill and technique. There is also no known way to predict ahead of time how much fat will survive the transfer so exact outcomes are hard to guarantee. In other words, fat grafting can be permanent but it is also much less predictable and easier to mess up than breast augmentation.


It’s easy to find breast-enhancing supplements being hawked in magazines and on the internet. In theory, these offer safe and natural ways to produce long-last breast enhancement. In reality, these products have no form of quality control, no properly proven efficacy or safety, and there is no way to even know if they contain the ingredients claimed on the label.

Doctor Michael Gartner is one of the few surgeons in the United States to hold Double Board Certification with both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He prides himself on his refined technique and the artistic spirit he brings to his work.

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