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Breast Augmentation In New Jersey: Not One Size Fits All

Breast Augmentation Lift

Although breast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, it is not a one size fits all surgery. While previously, many women requesting a boob job did so to increase their bust as much as possible, frequently requesting a D or DD cup size, many women are now opting to have breast augmentations with much more moderate changes in mind. In fact, the most common breast implant size request is an increase from an A cup to a B or C cup. The reasons for this shift in breast augmentation trends in New Jersey are outlined below.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Although celebrities such as the Kardashians continue to set a number of body-related beauty standards and many women still request large implants to achieve a more voluptuous silhouette, there has been a notable shift in breast augmentation trends. Rather than increasing their cup size considerably, more women are now opting for a more subtle and modest enhancement, modeled after celebrities such as Taylor Swift.

This change reflects the desire many women have to achieve fuller yet petite breasts, enabling them to better fill out their clothing without drawing unwanted attention. Instead of appearing obviously augmented, many patients prefer that their enhancement is undetectable, as it is meant to help them feel more confident in themselves, not to please others.

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Athletic Look

With ever changing ideas about what is sexy, there is now more than ever an emphasis on attaining an athletic look. The popularity of hashtags such as #bodygoals and #fitspo has inspired many women to seek a subtle enhancement that does not detract from their lean and athletic figure. In addition, because more women are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, smaller implants are often preferable because they do not restrict the patient’s movements or make them appear heavier than they are. While women with larger breasts often find it uncomfortable to run or participate in aerobic exercises and may even need to wear more than one sports bra, smaller breasts do not limit one’s ability to stay active.

Reduced Recovery Time

As an added benefit, it is often easier to recover from surgery when patients select smaller implants. While strenuous exercise should be avoided for a few weeks following the procedure regardless of your choice of size, women with smaller implants will find it easier to reintroduce exercise than those with larger implants.

If you are considering a breast augmentation in New Jersey, we welcome you to contact our clinic to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gartner, a double board certified plastic surgeon. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Gartner will listen to your goals and help you determine the best implant size, shape, profile, and type for you. In addition to considering your aesthetic goals, your lifestyle should be taken into consideration in order to ensure that the results of the procedure will suit your life today and well into the future.

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