Breast Augmentation in New Jersey: 3 things to avoid during your recovery

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Breast Augmentation in New Jersey : 3 things to avoid during your recovery

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Congratulations on your new figure! The decision to undergo breast augmentation in New Jersey is exciting,butinstructions can feel a little overwhelming. There are guidelines to remember and questions you will have. Some people only look forward to putting on pretty, new lingerie and don’t spend much time thinking about the crucial healing phase immediately post op. Others worry a little too much and will have an unnecessarily stressful recovery. We’ve compiled a list of actions you should avoid after your procedure if you want to guarantee the best, possible results.

1. Don’t Wear Anything Except What Your New Jersey Breast Augmentation Surgeon Advised

We know that cute swimwear and bras are calling you. After all, most women look forward to shopping for these items after breast augmentation. Rest assured, the time will come to show off your new cleavage before you know it,but if you rush it, you can compromise your results. Some surgeons advise a soft, supportive post-op bra for the first six weeks. Others recommend no bra at all. Most will strictly forbid underwire or push up bras though,and this is very important. If you apply the hard pressure of a wire into the incision area under breasts while healing, you may not feel damage as it occurs due to temporary nerve impairment. You may slow healing, leading to infection or wound opening. Upward pressure or implant displacement while healing can distort the breast implant pocket, causing the eventual shape and position of the breasts to be adversely affected.

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2. Don’t Work Out, Not Even A Little

Many energetic New Jersey breast augmentation patients have a hard time pushing pause on workouts, jogging,and other activities. They may be tempted to cheat because they feel great and don’t understand the reason for restrictions. Unfortunately, raising your heart rate and blood pressure, or placing muscular pressure on your implants will increase your risk of complications. The blood vessels which have been sealed internally can open and bleed under pressure. Down and outward pressure created by flexing chest muscles may lead to malposition of your implants. During the crucial healing phase, you must take those restrictions seriously and let your surgeon be the one to give you the all-clear for resuming workouts.

3. Don’t Soak In A Bath Or Hot Tub

If you’re planning a vacation shortly after breast augmentation, keep in mind that you’ll need to avoid pools, hot tubs or any water submersion at all. These restrictions could make a sunny beach vacation less ideal during recovery time. Until completely healed, roughly 2-3 weeks post-procedure, soaking your incisions will not only delay healing but will raise the risk of infection. A breast implant incision infection can be very serious and should be avoided at all costs. Luckily, following a few simple instructions is all that will be required, and you can enjoy swimming in no time.

Don’t hesitate to contact your clinic for reminders and guidance. They want you to have a great recovery as well and will be happy to help.

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