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Are You Ready To Improve Your Cleavage With A New Jersey Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Lift

Among women who seek breast augmentation, cleavage is the most commonly desired improvement behind size. Improving a woman’s cleavage is not as straightforward as changing the size of the breasts but it is possible to do so using the right approach. Even if you are not directly looking to improve your cleavage when getting breast augmentation in New Jersey, understanding the way your implants can affect cleavage is still important for having proper expectations when going forwards.

What Is Cleavage?

First, a quick bit of terminology. Cleavage is the space between breasts or, more simply, the area exposed when wearing a low neckline. You can check your cleavage by measuring the distance between your nipples or by measuring the space between the inner edges of your breasts. The narrower the cleavage, the more breast is shown off.

Cleavage & Breast Augmentation

Cleavage can be improved with breast augmentation in New Jersey but there are some caveats that need to be kept in mind. Breast size alone does not dictate cleavage size. The size of the chest wall, prominence of the breastbone, and even how centered the nipples are affect cleavage size. If your breasts are naturally far apart, then increasing size won’t have as significant an impact on cleavage. The reverse is also true. If your breasts are naturally close together, decreasing size won’t reduce your cleavage either.

For women with average-sized chest walls, increased breast size can result in narrower cleavage. This is not a guarantee, however. Two things are needed to improve the likelihood of enhancing cleavage through breast augmentation: the correctly shaped implant, and the correct positioning.

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Implant Shape

Generally speaking, implants with a wider base will enhance cleavage more than other types. The trick is to balance the width of the base with the size of the chest to maintain a natural look. Going too wide will cause rippling in the skin and possible bulging under the arms. The amount of extra width your surgeon can use is determined by the same factors mentioned above; namely the chest wall and breastbone.

As an alternative to wider implants, you can also consider implants that round out the upper portion of the breast. This will produce a firmer, youthful, and buoyant look that will enhance the appeal of your cleavage even if its overall size stays the same.


Cleavage will naturally improve if implants are placed close together. Keep in mind, however, that an effective New Jersey breast augmentation needs the implants to be centered underneath the nipples in order for the effect to appear natural. This limits the amount of wiggle room available for cleavage enhancement. It is possible to use other procedures to reposition the nipples and make it easier to position the implants for optimal cleavage enhancement.

Doctor Michael Gartner is a certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is renowned as an innovator in aesthetic plastic surgery and enjoys the artistic and creative opportunities his work provides.

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