Are You Considering Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

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Are You Considering Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

Breast Augmentation Lift

When a woman is confident about the shape of her body, she walks a little taller, feels charismatic and attractive. Breast size and shape vary, and no single look defines womanhood or beauty, but more and more women are choosing breast augmentation in New Jersey to enhance their physical appearance and confidence. Breast implant surgery is the number one plastic surgery procedure in the United States, and it is the most popular operation performed at Dr. Gartner’s state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility.

Who Should Consider Breast Augmentation In New Jersey?

This procedure is highly suited to women who desire:

  • To increase the size of breasts that are naturally small
  • Bring symmetry to breasts that are different sized or asymmetrical
  • Regain fullness in the breasts after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Look younger by restoring a round, full shape to the breasts, which have been reduced by aging
  • All of the above outcomes can be achieved through breast augmentation surgery, and women can look forward to feeling more feminine and confident in their figure.

    Who’s A Good Candidate?

    In order to be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, you should be generally healthy, both physically and psychologically, and you should have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure. It is also important to understand that a successful surgical result will require you to follow guidelines before and after your surgery, including things you should and should not do. You’ll need to refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for a couple of weeks before and after your surgery. Those with very active lifestyles need to plan ahead for a period of relaxation.

Are You A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed at our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility.

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What Is The Procedure Like?

Breast augmentation is typically performed as outpatient surgery, which means you can go home the same day. There are multiple options for where your incisions can be placed, and you may select to have saline or silicone gel implants. The type of implant you choose will impact the cost of your procedure, and it will also affect the length and position of incision that you will see.

With Dr. Gartner, patientsare able to choose whether they have local anesthesia (which means you’ll be awake and have some IV sedation to help you relax) or general anesthesia (meaning you’ll be asleep for the procedure). Your surgery is an hour and 20 minutes under local, or one hour under general, after which you’ll be taken to a recovery room to be closely monitored while the effects of your anesthesia wear off. Dr. Gartner takes every measure to reduce the risk of infection regardless of how your New Jersey breast augmentation is performed, and after a few hours of recovery post-surgery, you will be releasedto heal and relax in the comfort of your own home.

How Long Will My Recovery Be?

Your recovery time after breast augmentation surgery will vary depending on several factors, but it typically takes 1-2 weeks for the incisions to heal and for initial swelling to go down. Depending on the how your implants were placed, the process of breast implants settling and softening may extend by additional weeks, and Dr. Gartner will be able to advise you when you can safely return to work and resume exercise or other activities to ensure your best long-term results.

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